Course Enhancement Plan

We are pleased to present the Glenelg Golf Club Irrigation Replacement and Course Enhancement Plan to the Membership base. The development and implementation of these plans are an important move forward in securing a strong position for our Club over the next 30 years.

With work set to commence in November 2021, the planned enhancement project will help improve efficiencies, modernise our Course and most importantly improve playing surfaces. It will lead to better use of our available resources with the emphasis on quality of our turf, bunkers and vegetation maintenance to complement and frame the course. These improvements will build on our established standards and ensure the Club is environmentally and economically sustainable long into the future.

The Course Enhancement Plan addresses the following key elements:

  • Resurfacing of Greens
  • Retaining the Revetted Bunker Character
  • Replacement of Ageing Irrigation Infrastructure
  • Increased Playability
  • Treescape and Vegetation

Electronic access to all of the information can be easily navigated on our website by clicking on the categories below. The information has been delivered in this way to ensure ease of finding the topics of most interest to you. The current competition room, located adjacent to the Men’s and Women’s locker rooms, has been transformed into an area with detailed plans and hard copy brochures available for collection.

A ‘Course Enhancement Information Night’ is scheduled to be held on Thursday 14th October 2021 at 6pm in the Clubhouse. Publishing this Course Enhancement information prior to the event allows Members to review the changes before the information evening. Members are welcome to attend the event and ask any relevant questions in relation to the upcoming works.

For more information feel free to contact Captain, Greg Rundle, or General Manager, Robert Vincekovic, at any time.

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