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Pennant Golf

Glenelg Golf Club’s #TeamGlenelg has a strong history in Junior, Men’s, Women’s and Senior Pennant Golf in South Australia having won their first cup back in 1940. 

“I think it’s fair to say we have forged a reputation as a force in Pennant Golf in SA. In other words, we are now the hunted!”

South Australia Pennant History

The Simpson Cup, named after Mr Fred N Simpson, was inaugurated in 1927 ‘…For the annual competition between several city clubs…’ Fred Simpson was a member of the family that established the Simpson white goods industry in South Australia.

The Simpson Cup was originally for competition between Kooyonga & Royal Adelaide from 1927 to 1938. Post World War 2 the Grange & Glenelg joined in the fray with the competition being modified and altered from time to time with finals and additional club teams. In 2008 Southern District and Mid-North District entered teams in the competition.

The start of Women’s Pennant has a less certain history dating back to 1929 when ‘…three wooden shields, black with silver lettering, were purchased for A, B & C Grade – cost not to exceed £2/2/- each…’

The SA Pennant Competition continues to evolve and expand in its effort to provide competition golf between clubs at the highest level. Adaption of technology such as on-line competition management and scoring has simplified administration of the Competition for all concerned.

The highlight of the current Competition is no doubt the Final where Simpson Cup & Sanderson Cup (Women’s A1) are played at one of the ‘sand-belt’ golf Clubs drawing five hundred and more spectators each year.

Please visit Golf Australia for more history and information about SA Pennant.

Glenelg's Recent Pennant History

2005 – 2011: 7 years – 7 flags

  • 2 x Sanderson Cup
  • 1 x Pike Cup
  • 2 x Bonnar Cup
  • 1 x Sharp Cup
  • 1 x Women’s A3

Director of the Glenelg Coaching Academy, Gareth Jones came to the Club in 2011/2012, bringing a winning formula to the Club, implementing a Pennant training program with a focus on the short game. Since Gareth’s Appointment as Head Coach of Japan Golf, our coaching staff have continued to focus on Gareth’s methods and consult with him on a regular basis when he is home.

2012 – 2019: 8 years – 19 flags

  • 4 x Simpson
  • 4 x Sanderson Cup
  • 3 x Bonnar Cup
  • 3 x Pike Cup
  • 2 x Sharp Cup
  • 2 x Women’s A3
  • 1 x Women’s A4

I think it’s fair to say we have forged a reputation as a force in Pennant Golf in SA. In other words, we are now the hunted!

2019 Glenelg's Pennant Success

2020 Pennant Season

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions on golf club events, the 2020 Junior, Men’s and Women’s Pennant Golf season were cancelled.

However, the 2020 Senior Pennant season went ahead and #TeamGlenelg brought home the Senior Div 2 flag! 


#TeamGlenelg are raring to go for the 2021 season and will be back to bring home more flags than ever before!

2021 Pennant Season

Congratulations to everyone who played SA Pennant Golf this season.

#TeamGlenelg are very proud to have won both the Junior Sharp Cup and Women’s Pike Cup, with our Bonnar Cup and Sanderson Cup teams were runner ups. 

2022 Pennant Season

SA Pennant Schedule For All Glenelg Teams 2022

Team Simpson Cup Bonnar Cup Sharp Cup Junior Div 2
Round 1

8th May @ Flagstaff – 12:10pm

Won by: Grange – 4 matches to 3.

8th May @ North Adelaide – 11am

Won by: Glenelg – 4 1/2 matches to 2 1/2.

22nd May @ Grange – 12:30pm

8th May @ Sandy Creek – 10:30am

Won by: Mid North – 4 matches to 1.

Round 2

15th May @ TTG – 11:15am 

Won by: Kooyonga – 4 1/2 matches to  2 1/2.

15th May @ Blackwood – 11:15am

Won by: Grange 5 matches to 2.

29th May @ Willunga – 12:30pm

15th May @ Vines – 12:00pm 

Won by: halved 2.5 matches to 2.5

Round 3 22nd May @ GGC – 7:30am 22nd May @ Royal – 10:15am 5th June Royal – 7:30pm 22nd May @ Grange – 12:45pm
Round 4 29th May @ Victor – 12:10pm 29th May Kooyonga – 12:05pm 19th June @ GGC – 9:50am 29th May @ Willunga – 12:15pm
Round 5 5th June @ Vines – 11:15am 5th June @ TTG – 12:10pm 26th June @ TTG 12:30pm 5th June @ Royal – 9:50am
Round 6 19th June @ Kooyonga – 9:40am 19th June @ Grange – 12:10pm    19th June @ GGC – 7:30am
Round 7 26th June @ Royal – 10:15am  26th June @ Vines – 12:10pm   26th June @ TTG – 12:45pm
Team Sanderson Cup Pike Cup A3 Cleek 2
Round 1 22nd May @ GGC – 11:15am 22nd May @ Royal – 12:25pm

2nd May @ MT Osmond 8:00am

Won by: Match halved – 2 1/2 matches to 2 1/2.

16th May @ GGC – 8:00am

Won by: Westward Ho 3 matches to 2.

Round 2 29th May @ Blackwood – 11:50am 29th May @ Kooyonga – 8:40am 

9th May @ Blackwood – 8:30am

Won by: The Vines 3 matches to 2.

23rd May @ Blackwood – 9:00am
Round 3 5th June @ Grange – 11:30am  5th June @ Grange – 12:25pm

16th May @ Kooyonga – 10:30am

Won by: Glenelg 3 matches to 2.

30th May @ Westward – 10:00am
Round 4 19th June @ Kooyonga – 8:05am 19th June @ TTG – 12:25pm 23rd May @ West Lakes – 9:00am 6th June @ Kooyonga – 10:30am
Round 5 26th June – BYE 26th June @ Sandy – 10:10am 30th May @ Vines 8:30am 20th June @ TTG 10:00am
Round 6     6th June @ North Adelaide – 9:00am  
Round 7     20th June @ GGC – 8:00am