Team Glenelg Pennant Results

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Simpson Cup Semi-Final at Kooyonga

Glenelg 3 lost to Kooyonga 4

  1. Kade Bryant lost to Joel Durnford 1 down
  2. Harry Burner def Kyle Hayter 20 holes
  3. Zac Bray lost to Freddie Cassell 6/5
  4. Michael Munn def Jackson Kalz 4/3
  5. Josh Hayes lost to Heath Riches 4/2
  6. Jack Leonard def Malachy Marshall 2 up
  7. Nick Wake lost to Will Somerfield 4/3

Well it wouldn’t be a match against Kooyonga unless it was agonisingly close and that is what eventuated again in our semi-final at Kooyonga.  On a cold and windy day we were on the back foot early and approaching the turn we were only up in one match.  However, as they say, it all starts on the back nine on Sunday.  Whilst three of the matches were lost relatively early the others tightened up eventually getting to the stage where we needed to win the last two matches on course to take an unlikely win.  As it happened we got one of the two we needed with Harry winning on the second extra hole but Kade going down on the 18th.  All the while this was happening the light was fading fast and if either of the last two matches needed another hole or two they may not have been able to be completed!

Nick Wake got things off at no. 7.  He lost the opening hole and slipped to 3 down after 7.  He managed to get one hole back but that was as close as he would get before the match finished on the 15th.

Jack Leonard was next up against fellow junior Malachy Marshall and they had a ding-dong battle all day.  The margin was never more than one hole until the 18th with Jack delivering a crucial blow on the 17th when he holed a lengthy birdie putt to take a one hole lead to the last.  Both hit good tee shots but Malachy hit a poor approach and could not get to the green with his third.  Jack hit into the greenside bunker but hit an excellent bunker shot to set up a likely par.  When Malachy missed his putt for bogey he conceded the hole to Jack for a vital win.

Josh Hayes got off to a solid start against Heath Riches to be 1 up through six holes.  However Heath got on a run to win the next 4 holes and Josh was 3 down through ten.  He got back to two down but holes were running out and the match concluded on the 16th.

Michael Munn at no. 4 was up against former Glenelg member Jackson Kalz.  Michael’s steady play proved too much for Jackson.  Whilst the match was square though 7 it was all one way traffic after that.  Michael was 2 up at the turn and 4 up after 13 and that was the margin when the 15th was halved.

At no. 3 Zac Bray simply couldn’t get anything going against Freddie Cassell.  He lost the first two holes and things never improved with an early finish to his day.

This is where things started to get interesting.  At this stage we are trailing 2-3.  Harry Burner was in a tough battle with Kyle Hayter and the score fluctuated between 1 up and 1 down.  After the par 5 16th Harry was one down but he won the 17th to go down the last all square.  Both players made tricky short putts to half the 18th and they then headed to extra holes.  They both birdied the 19th with Harry making a good putt to keep the match going.  They both found the same fairway bunker on the short par 5 20th and neither could reach the green.  Both hit solid pitches and then Harry holed his 15 foot birdie putt.  Kyle missed his birdie giving Harry a well-deserved win.

So at this stage we have some of us watching Harry and some watching Kade back on the 18th and we are keeping in touch to find out what was happening.  Kade’s match got off to a bad start against big hitting Joel Durnford with Joel having a tap in eagle on the first.  Kade then found himself in the unfamiliar position of 3 down after 6 holes.  He then proceeded to claw his was back to square the match after 12 but then slipping to 2 down after 14.  He then won the next two holes to square things up again. 17 was halved and it was all to play for on the last.  Kade hit what looked like a good tee shot but it got caught up in the right hand rough with the ball above his feet in an awkward lie.  Joel bombed his drive down the middle.  Kade hit what looked like another good shot onto the green but got a bad bounce into the bunker.  He was unable to get up and down leaving Joel to two putt to take the win.

So it was a disappointing end to a season that promised so much.  However the boys all fought hard and very nearly pulled off a win but it was not to be.  We will now re-group ahead of next season which will come around quick as it is scheduled to begin in late February to take advantage of better weather and course conditions.

Thanks to the caddies Ryan Faggoter, Jason Bray, Adam Bryant, Scott Kerruish, Justin Howard, Samantha Wake and a special guest appearance from Adam Bland. 

Some of our better performers for the season were 15 yo Jack Leonard in his first year of Simpson Cup (5 wins from 7 matches), Harry Burner (4 wins and a half from 6 matches), Kade Bryant (4 wins and a half from 7) and Michael Munn (4 wins and a half from 8).  Also a shout out to Kade who has been cris-crossing the country over the last two weeks playing junior events in Queensland and Victoria and travelling back to Adelaide for Pennants.

In addition to be seven players who played in the semi-final, three other players represented the club in Simpson Cup during the season.  Will Starkey played 3 matches with one win.  Mick Phillips played one match for a half and Jack Tanner played 3 matches for 3 wins before heading to America to pursue a professional career.

We are extremely thankful to our pennant sponsors without whom we could not field our pennant teams each week.  So thanks to:

  • Bradley Trade Services;
  • Chess Moving; and
  • Vault Mobile Self Storage.

Thanks also to:

  • The pennant coaches Ryan Reavley, Connor Chant and Adam Bland;
  • Captains Paul Grosvenor and Imelda Lynch and the committee for their support;
  • Shane Robinson as pennant chief and the pro-shop staff;
  • Tim Warren and his course staff;
  • Rob Vincekovic and the office staff; and
  • The bar staff for putting up with us on Sunday nights!

Steve Weeks

Unfortunately, our wonderful Sanderson Cup girls lost 4 1/2 to 1/2 on Sunday to a very dominant RAGC @ Kooyonga GC.

Zoe Manton fought hard all day against a very strong opponent but lost her game. Well done Zoe for playing after recovering from Covid.

At no. 2 Bec Hardy played ( with a broken thumb!) and played well, but found the greens at Kooyonga were too slick , so went down in her match.

Jill Hodge was at no. 3 and stayed in the game for most of the day, just falling short of a win.

Maiya Jakupec played at no. 4 and was lying all square when the match was called off as RAGC already had 3 wins. Well done Maiya for a great pennant season.

Bec Hughes played at no. 5 and as usual gave the game her all but ended up losing in the end.

I would like to thank all of the girls in the Sanderson Cup team including Christine Trimmer who was unable to play yesterday, and to Tonia Ross and Jill McDonald who filled in on games.

Thanks also for all of the caddies and spectators who the girls could not do without. They really appreciated your  help and  dedication during the last few months.

Thanks also to our sponsors , Bradley Trade Services, Chess Moving and Vault Mobile Self Storage for being so generous and supportive of our pennant program and allowing every opportunity to enhance our squads. We are the envy of the other clubs.

Many thanks to Shane and the pro shop staff in their efforts at practice and guidance.

Thankyou girls for another good pennant season and I am sure you are already thinking about next year.

Ruth Martin 

Sanderson Cup Manager 

Pike Cup Semi Final 7/7/24 at Flagstaff Hill

Kooyonga defeated Glenelg 4 1/2 to 1/2

Sam White lost to Christine Hildyard 6/4
Louise Pike halved with Jill Trenorden
Wendy Featherston lost to Lane Trenorden 4/2
Jo Rawson lost to Jodie Deacon 5/4
Grace Ferrier lost to Maddie Fitzpatrick 3/2

Glenelg found the going tough at Flagstaff Hill on Sunday.

Grace Ferrier had a relatively tight match all day, managing to get back to square by the 10th hole. She tried hard to stay in the match but unfortunately lost 3/2.

Grace has played some great golf in her first Pike Cup season and will benefit greatly from the experience.

Stepping in to the team again Jo Rawson didn’t have a great day. Her opponent played very steady golf and didn’t allow Jo an opportunity to get in to her match. We really appreciate the willingness of Jo to step in and support the Pike team when needed. Jo has played A3 and Pike throughout the season. Thanks for your commitment to pennant golf Jo.

Wendy Featherston also found herself up against an opponent who played steady golf for most of the day. Wendy was only 1 down after 12 holes but then lost the next couple to lose 3/2. In her first pennant season for Glenelg Wendy has played some fabulous golf. It has been a pleasure to have you on the team Wendy.

Playing at number 2 Lou Pike was 3 up early in her match but sadly her opponent hit her straps on the tricky greens of Flagstaff Hill and Lou found herself 2 down through 14. Lou’s match was squared when Kooyonga had 3 wins on the board. You are a very important member of the Pike team Lou and your golf is ever reliable.

Sam White playing at number 1 had a tough match against a strong opponent. Sam was only 1 down through 9 holes but then sadly the match got away from her. I would like to thank Sam for sharing her golf expertise and knowledge with the rest of the squad throughout the season – it has been much appreciated.

Many thanks also to Tonia Ross our reserve. Tonia has played A1 A2 and A3 this season. Your support of pennant at Glenelg has been fabulous Tonia.

To the caddies, John Ferrier, Jim Rawson, Brian Featherston, Nick Eblen and Hannah Brown  thank you. Your support of the team has been sensational.

It has been a pleasure managing the Pike team this season. Unfortunately we feel short in the semi final, hopefully we can rebound and win the cup back next season.

Fiona Eblen

Pike Cup Manager 

Bonnar Cup semi-final Report

Sunday 7 July 2024

Having finished top of the table for 2024 the Bonnar boys were due to take on the 4th ranked Royal Adelaide at North Adelaide this Sunday. Despite our relative ladder positions we were keenly aware that the RA group were an extremely competitive bunch with a great deal of experience. Our one loss during the home and away series was to RA and we knew we were going to have to produce some of our best golf to advance to next week’s GF.

The loss of Mick Phillips, our reliable no.1, provided another challenge for the group and management agreed to a little strategy in team positions to give us an early edge. In particular, ever reliable Matt Jacquier was slipped back to No. 7 to hopefully give us a quick start with Max Jericho thrown the challenge of competing at No. 1.

Unfortunately, things did not turn our way throughout the day and, despite relatively tight early matches through 9 holes the steady play of the opposition was taking its toll as the afternoon progressed. 

At No. 7, Matt Jacquier competed well early but eventually succumbed 3&2 to a quality opponent.

Promising junior Kyle Feltus was providing a highlight at No. 6 giving the very experience Anthony Olson a challenge and was 1 up when his match finished.

Unfortunately the balance of matches were quickly going the wrong direction on the back 9 and play ended when RA completed its 4th win.

Final scores were recorded as follows:

No. 6 Kyle Feltus – match suspended square.

No. 5 Anthony Wang – match suspended square.

No. 4 Harry Edwards lost 6&4.

No. 3 Ben Winton – match suspended square

No. 2 David Brand lost 5&4, and

No. 1 Max Jericho lost 5&4.

Play was suspended at 3:20 with RA 4 matches in.

The group was disappointed to end a great season in this way but generally agreed that we had competed well with great support from the club, coaches, caddies, supporters and all who  contributed. We look forward to seeing everyone at the pennant dinner this Sunday.

Andrew Hodge & Tony Martin

Team Managers

Sharp Cup Team Semi Finals – Geleng vs Tea Tree at Grange 07/07/2024 

Geleng lost to Tea Tree – 3 1/2 to 1 1/2 

Sharp Cup team battled valiantly against Tea Tree in a tough semi-final match played at Grange this week. Despite the challenging weather conditions Glenelg team displayed remarkable determination. They refused to be intimidated by Tea Tree’s experienced lineup and dug deep to find their best golf. Throughout the competition, they kept the pressure on their opponents, making every shot count.

Indie Danger def  Mason Lowman 2/1 
Johnny Peers halved with James Kromwyk
Jayneil Rudrappagari lost to Lachlan Calvert  (1, playoff)
Cooper Lessue lost to Jack Hoberfield (3/1)
Campbell lost to Ethan Sams (5/4)

Campbell had a good positive start where he was 1 up on the 4th hole, Unfortunately his opponent Ethan came up strong while Campbell lost balls on a couple of holes and eventually lost to Ehtan 5/4. 

A close contest between Indie vs Mason and Cooper vs Jack went down to the 17th hole . Through consistency Indie managed to win on the 17th hole 2/1, whereas Cooper lost to his tough and experienced opponent 3/1. .

Another close contest between Johnny vs James and Jayneil vs Lachlan went till the last hole. Where Johnny squared against James and Jayneil went for a playoff on a par 5 and lost to his strong experienced opponent Lachlyn. 

Although their valiant effort ultimately fell short, Sharp cup can take pride in their performance and proved themselves to be a competitive team.

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to everyone who played a part in Sharp Cup 2024. All players thank you for your dedication, perseverance, and unwavering commitment on the course. You displayed exceptional talent and fought hard throughout the competition. Caddies and Parents – Thank you for your unwavering support and belief in the team. Your dedication in transporting players to practices and matches, providing emotional support, and fostering a love for the game is deeply appreciated.

A special thank you to all for exemplifying true sportsmanship both on and off the course. Your respect for the game and your opponents is a credit to yourselves and a great example for others.

Managing the team this year has been a truly rewarding experience. Thank you Glenelg GC for the opportunity, it has been a privilege to represent both the club and the team.

Ramesh Rudrappagari

Grand Final Cleek 2 report

In grey drizzly conditions, our Cleek girls took on the number 1 team Westward Ho at West Lakes.

Jo McCarthy at 5 had to give 8 strokes to her opponent and unfortunately started slowly and could never get ahead.

Sue Siebel at 4 started quite well but her opponent, receiving 7 strokes, soon found her game and Sue also lost her match.

Sally Sechser started well but found her opponent rather difficult and finally succumbed on the 16th hole. Also had to give 6 strokes.

Cathie Molloy at 2 battled hard all day and was about to play the 16th hole when play was abandoned.

Number 1, Frances Macpherson played steadily all day and was in a winning position (about to go 4 up) when the match ended.

(L to R) Cathie Molloy, Frances Macpherson, Sally Sechser, Jo McCarthy, Sue Siebel and Anne Tait

Annette and I are so very proud of our rather inexperienced team and have enjoyed seeing their progress throughout the season. They have trained so very hard and gave everything for the team. Team camaraderie was fantastic and we are sure they will do well in the future.

Thank you to Ryan for all the fabulous clinics throughout the season. Thank you to all our wonderful caddies and to those who braved the weather today to watch our girls play.

We have had a fantastic season!

Annette and Cheryl