2020 Senior Pennant Results & Reports

Div 2 FINAL  Monday December 14th, 2020

RESULT: Glenelg 6 v South Lakes 1 at West Lakes

Great Team Effort Seals Pennant Victory for Glenelg.

The day finally arrived – the Senior Pennant Finals – delayed due to Covid restrictions.

The Glenelg boys came well prepared and determined to win the day. It was hot, windy and humid, but the Glenelg players adapted to the conditions and took an early ascendancy.

In the early stages Glenelg led in 6 of the 7 matches with only Anthony Doyle at No. 2 being 2 down with his opponent playing solid golf.

David Chantrell at No.7 set up an early victory with a strong 6 & 5 win. David had a great unbeaten season winning 5 of his 6 matches and halving the other one.

At No. 5 Wayne Humphries was 3 up after 12 when his opponent conceded the match due to a wrist injury to give Wayne a 5 & 4 win. Wayne also had a solid season with 5 wins, 1 half and 1 loss from his 7 games.

In the Final, once a team has 4 wins, the other games are called in and recorded as halves. These 2 early wins gave Glenelg a strong advantage, just needing 2 more wins with the Glenelg players still leading in most of the games.

David Marshall at No.3 was playing good golf and gave Glenelg a third win with a 5 & 3 victory.

At No. 6 Brian Welsh was having a tight game but leading for most of the day – he finished his match at the 17th, winning 2 & 1. At the same time, Anthony Doyle had pulled clear in his match and holed a nice putt on the 15th to win 4 & 3. This win for Anthony gave him an outstanding record for the season, winning all of his 7 matches, playing in the top 3 all season.

This gave Glenelg 5 wins with the other 2 games recorded as a halved result and victory to Glenelg.

In the other 2 games Paul McGrath at No. 4 was having a tight tussle with his opponent when their match was called in on the 16th and John Keogh at No.1 was playing sub par golf for the front 9, but also having a tight tussle with his opponent.

This Div 2 Pennant victory will see Glenelg promoted to Div 1 next season.

A big thanks to Steve Weeks and Graeme Bennett for helping out on the day and thanks also to Geoff Hallion for caddying throughout the season and to the Glenelg members who ventured out to watch. Also thanks to Robert Vincekovic, Sam Hughes, Shane Robinson and the pro shop staff for their support throughout the season.

I would also like to thank other players who represented the club through the year – Steve Weeks (undefeated in 2 games), Graeme Bennett, Chris Burns and Wayne Tanner who all recorded wins for the club.

Thank you also to the other squad members who were prepared to play if needed – as previously mentioned to those players, the team is only as strong as the total squad and this year we certainly had strong depth in our squad.

And a final “Thank you” to all the players and their partners for their commitment to the team and club by working so hard to get Glenelg in to Div 1 for next season. Our challenge next year will be to be competitive in Div 1 against the stronger teams and make the Finals.

Thanks guys for the season – it was a lot of fun.

Wayne Humphries,

Senior Pennant Team Manager

Monday November 9th 2020    Round 5

RESULT: Glenelg 4.5 v Victor Harbor 2.5 at Victor Harbor

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Glenelg too strong against the home team at Victor Harbor in Senior Pennant.

The Glenelg players ventured to Victor Harbor to take on the home side in warm, sultry conditions. The course was presented in great condition and from the first hit off it was a tight contest until the final putt was holed.

Graeme Bennett at No 7 got off to a nice start to be 2 up early, but his opponent fought back to take the lead. Graeme kept at it with the match going down the 18th with the Victor Harbor player winning 2 up.

David Chantrell at No 6 was leading his match for most of the day, but again the match went down the 18th with a squared result.

Brian Welsh at No 5 was also having quite a tussle – he was behind for most of the day but fought back towards the end to win his match 1 up after 18 holes.

John Keogh at No 1 was fighting a leg injury and an opponent who was playing sub-par golf and lost his match 6 & 5.

Wayne Humphries at No 4 (4 & 3) and David Marshall at No 2 (5 & 3) had comfortable wins to give Glenelg the edge.

Anthony Doyle at No 3 sealed victory for Glenelg winning 2 &1.

This was the last minor round and we remain undefeated, but Grange won their contest 6 and a half to a half to sneak ahead of us to the top of the table on percentage, by one individual game.

We now face the third placed team (West Lakes) next Monday in the Semi Final to be played at Grange West. Grange will play South Lakes in the other Semi Final, with the 2 winners playing off in the Final at West Lakes on Monday the 23rd November.


Wayne Humphries
“Senior” Pennant Team Manager

Monday November 2nd 2020         Round 4

RESULT: Glenelg 3.5 v The Grange 3.5 at Glenelg

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Glenelg tie with Grange in Senior Pennant.

 Round 4 against The Grange saw the 2 undefeated teams do battle at Glenelg.

The Grange held the ascendancy for most of the day, but as the contest came to a close it became apparent that it was a contest that could go either way.

Grange won the number 7 and 1 games fairly convincingly against Chris Burns at 7 and David Marshall at 1 with both of their opponents playing some outstanding golf. Congratulations to Graeme Bennett for winning his first Senior Pennant match for Glenelg – playing at 6 he had a tight tussle all day but triumphed 2 & 1 to give Glenelg a valuable win. Paul McGrath at 5 also had a battle on his hands, but won his match 1 up in a tight encounter. Brian Welsh at 4 also struck a Grange player in good form, but fought it out to lose on the 16th. At no.2 Anthony Doyle recovered from a slow start to continue his winning form to win his match 4 & 3, even though his opponent threw a few birdies and an eagle at him.  Wayne Humphries at 3 was also having a titanic battle all day – recovering from 2 down early, got back to square, only to go 2 down again after 8. Playing the last hole the match was all square with the contest at 3 games each. Wayne played a nice approach shot to 5 feet on the last but the birdie attempt just wasn’t firm enough and the ball hung on the lower lip resulting in a halved game and a tied contest overall.

Thanks to Steve Weeks and Doug Clark as starters for the day and staying to support the team. Also thanks to Geoff Hallion for his continued support by caddying and to Chris Whitford and Paul Duregon for popping out to see how we were going.

Congratulations also to the Glenelg Golf Club on their hosting of the day – the course was presented in magnificent condition and the hospitality from pro shop staff and bar staff was well received. Thanks also to Management for keeping the bar open and making food available for after the matches – it was mentioned by many players that the “Bay” experience was the best of the season. Well done Team Glenelg.  

We still remain on top of our Division and are guaranteed a top 2 finish, which will see us play in the Semi Final at Grange West in 2 weeks’ time. Next week we face a tough contest when we play Victor Harbor at their home course.


Wayne Humphries
“Senior” Pennant Team Manager

Monday October 26th 2020        Round 3

RESULT: Glenelg 4.5 v South Lakes 2.5 at Aston Hills, Mt Barker

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Glenelg triumph in hard fought match in Senior Pennant.

Round 3 against South Lakes was a tight contest with 4 matches decided on the 18th hole. Glenelg held a slight advantage through the day and as the Adelaide Hills mist and drizzling rain settled in late in the day Glenelg held on to win the contest 4.5 / 2.5

Steve Weeks and Wayne Humphries had comfortable wins to give Glenelg the early advantage.

All other matches were pretty tight towards the end, with Anthony Doyle and David Chantrell winning on the 17th and 18th respectively. Chris Burns finished with a squared game after his opponent birdied the last hole with a 16 foot downhill putt on that treacherous 18th green. Paul McGrath fought back from being 5 down at one stage to also lose the last hole to a birdie to lose 2 down. John Keogh had a hard fought tussle all day against a strong opponent to also finish 2 down.

We are currently on top of our Division, but face 2 tough games to finish the minor round – next week we play The Grange (also unbeaten) at home then we play Victor Harbor at their home course.


Wayne Humphries
“Senior” Pennant Team Manager

Monday October 19th 2020        Round 2.

RESULT: Glenelg 6 v West Lakes 1 at South Lakes.

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Another strong win for the Glenelg Senior Pennant team.

In round 2 against West Lakes, the Glenelg players continued their strong form to win the contest 6/1.

Chris Burns and Wayne Tanner were making their Senior Pennant debut for Glenelg and congratulations to both players for convincing wins.

Paul McGrath, David Chantrell and Anthony Doyle won their matches convincingly to have now won both their matches this season – well done lads.

Steve Weeks, playing his first game this season, had the closest match of the day. He was 2 up early but then lost 4 holes to be 2 down but recovered to win his match 2 up. Wayne Humphries struggled to match the consistency of his opponent and went down 4 & 3.

Many thanks to Jack Tanner and Geoff Hallion for coming out to support the team and caddying.

Next week we play South Lakes at the Aston Hills course at Mt. Barker.


Wayne Humphries
“Senior” Pennant Team Manager

Monday October 12th 2020        Round 1

RESULT: Glenelg 6 v Aston Hills (Mt. Barker) 1 at Grange East.

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Solid win provides a great start to the season.

In the first round against Aston Hills, the Glenelg players adapted better to the Grange East course and set up an early ascendancy – at the half way mark most of the Glenelg players were in front and consolidated that advantage over the second nine to record a 6/1 team win.

Paul McGrath and Graeme Bennett were making their debut appearance for Glenelg in the Senior Pennants. Congratulations to Paul for winning his match 5 and 4, whilst Graeme put up a competitive effort to just lose one down after being all square playing the last hole.

David Chantrell, Brian Welsh, Wayne Humphries and John Keogh all recorded convincing wins and Anthony Doyle won a close contest 2 up.

Many thanks to Steve Weeks and Geoff Hallion for coming out to support the team and caddying.

Next week we play West Lakes at the South Lakes course.


Wayne Humphries
“Senior” Pennant Team Manager