Hole 18 Information

With the clubhouse visible in the distance, the 18th hole swings left to a green setting that invites a great finish to a round. 

The tee shot must find fairway between the water and a hybrid fairway bunker, whilst the shorter shot is afforded a more generous landing area. But it is the second half of the hole where most decisions must be made. From a long drive, the green is reachable in two, but cross bunkers must be negotiated by shaping the ball into the green or by carrying the deep approach bunker on a perfect line allowing a roll into the green. The shorter hitter can choose whether to advance the ball as far as possible and risk finding the huge hybrid bunker on the right, the centre approach bunker, or layup sufficiently short and accept a more difficult shot to the green. 

The green is protected by bunkers to the right and front left, and the ever-present lake along the left side. The green itself is large with a great variety of pin positions, and some significant contouring that can test one’s putting skill at the end of the round. 

Hole 18
Men's Tee Length Par Index
Black 494 5 11
Blue 489 5 11
White 476 5 11
Red 449 5 11
Women's Tee Length Par Index
White 476 5 10
Red 449 5 10
Yellow 467 5 10