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Heritage Fund

For many Members, Glenelg Golf Club has formed a valuable part of their life – a source of great fun, social interaction, pride and enjoyment. The Heritage Fund provides passionate Members with a mechanism to leave a legacy that will forever embed them into the Club’s history and its future.

The Heritage Fund exists to build and provide strong financial reserves that will secure the long-term future of the Club for generations to come.  The aim of the Heritage Fund is to accumulate cash and assets for strategic purposes, to ensure the Club’s future sustainability. In addition, it is intended funds will not be used as operating capital.

Investing in the Heritage Fund is, above all, the most outstanding contribution you can make to your Club.  Members who contribute to the Fund will be inducted as a Heritage Fund Member, and via their legacy will be recognised for generations to come.

1927 Founders Society Members

Owen Burgan (2012)

Heritage Society Members

Noel Taplin (2012)
John Maddern AM (2013)
Geoff Gitsham (2013)
Glenelg Golf Links shareholders (2013)

Key Strategies


To ensure Members are aware of the Heritage Fund and the importance of this program for the Club’s long-term security.

Bequests or Gifts

To actively encourage Members who feel passionate about the future security of the Club to donate and bequeath assets and in doing so become part of the Heritage Society, including the option of becoming a Member of the exclusive 1927 Founders’ Society.


To appropriately manage the cash and assets within this fund, and the interest generated from the fund to maximise long term security and growth of the Club.

Recognition and Reward

To recognise Members for their generous support, forever embedding them in the Club’s history as one of the key contributors to the Club’s long-term security.

How is the Fund managed?

An appointed Sub Committee will be responsible for deciding the best outcome for finances accumulated in the Heritage Fund.

The Heritage Fund will accumulate the contributions and invest them conservatively, as per the directions of the Sub Committee. Any interest accumulated will compound to help grow the fund, and at a point in time the Sub Committee may decide to utilise the accumulated assets to improve facilities, course and services for the benefit of Members.

Heritage Fund Sub-Committee Members

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Heritage Fund Documents