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Glenelg Foundation

Building a stronger Club for future generations

The Glenelg Golf Club Foundation has been established to facilitate funding of key projects at the Club with the aim to improve the quality and service that we provide our Members and guests. Funding is facilitated through donations from Members and supporters alike. Through the Foundation’s continued development, one core area of interest involves the ongoing support of the Club’s Junior Development Program. The Foundation believes that the promotion and encouragement of junior golf is fundamental to the future of the Club and the game of golf in South Australia.

Annual Foundation Golf Day

Glenelg Golf Club Foundation Day is the Club’s only major fundraising activity for the year, with all proceeds going towards our popular and highly successful Junior Development Program.

Vision & Mission

The Foundation’s Vision

The Glenelg Golf Club Foundation is committed to supporting, promoting and encouraging the development of, and participation in, golf. Through a variety of projects that stimulate development and growth, we aim to promote the lifestyle benefits associated with the sport to foster increased participation levels, especially amongst our juniors. Through our vision, we also hope to promote our Club for those looking to engage actively in golf. We aim to provide the solution they are looking for. We pride ourselves on creating unique and exciting opportunities for our Members.

Core areas of interest

  • Development and participation in Junior Golf;
  • Funding of key projects for the benefit of all Members;
  • Funding on-site developments at the Club for the benefit of all Members;
  • Funding of course developments and maintenance for the benefit of all Members

The Foundation’s Mission

Through the identification of key growth areas and the establishment of a sustainable Junior Development Program, the Club aims to continually give benefits to Members and guests through the creation and support of various initiatives. The Foundation will:

  • Support the development of Junior Golf through funding the Junior Development Program;
  • Progressively develop valuable initiatives and programs in support of the Club’s core areas of interest;
  • Foster, support and maintain long-term initiatives through the management and disbursement of Foundation funds;
  • Cultivate a base of Foundation supporters to achieve increased Member participation in Foundation based events and programs.

How you can help

Attending functions and events ensures the continued existence of the Glenelg Golf Club Foundation. The Glenelg Golf Club Foundation also enables Members and supporters to make a special contribution to the future of the Club and become eligible to receive a tax deduction*. Any person wishing to support the Foundation by way of a donation can contact the golf club for more details.

* Under taxation law, a deductible gift requires a donor to transfer money voluntarily without the donor or an associate of the donor receiving or being entitled to receive in return, any material advantage or compensation (apart from the tax saving). The Glenelg Golf Club projects are approved and conducted under the charter of the Australian Sports Foundation Ltd (ABN 27 008 613 858)

Online Donations

The following button takes you to the Australian Sports Foundation website online donation pages for Glenelg Golf Club’s projects.