Temporary 18th Tee

Dear Members,

Please note, due to the temporary 18th tee potentially causing an increase in balls being hit Out of Bounds (OOB) and into neighbouring properties and/or the Driving Range Carpark.

We ask all Members to take caution with their shot selections, in an attempt to limit any possible risk.

If a player’s ball happens to be hit OOB or into the Range Carpark, please complete the reporting form found via QR code located on signage at the temporary tee, whether damage is confirmed or not.

No Members will be liable for any associated cost of repairs, providing the reporting of incidents have been completed and relevant claim forms submitted.

If you are unable to complete the report form via QR Code, please report to Pro Shop or Reception as soon as possible, this includes all other holes on Course where OOB or carparking areas are in play.