Team Glenelg Pennant Team Lists

All teams are on this week with three teams at home! Come out and support our Junior Division 2, Sharp Cup and Cleek 2 teams!

See below for this weeks team lists.

Round 3 26th May at Thaxted Park vs Kooyonga | 1st Tee 12:10pm

Kade Bryant
Harry Burner
Josh Hayes
Michael Munn
Will Starkey 
Jack Tanner
Nick Wake

Zac Bray (Reserve)

Round 1 26th May at Blackwood vs Kooyonga | 1st Tee 12:25pm

Bec Hardy
Jill Hodge
Maiya Jakupec
Zoe Manton
Christine Trimmer

Bec Hughes (Reserve)

Round 1 26th May at The Grange (West Course) vs The Grange | 1st Tee 11:15am

Wendy Featherston
Bec Hughes
Louise Pike
Jo Rawson
Sam White

Jo Ricourt (Reserve)
Jill McDonald (Emergency)

Round 3 26th May at Tea Tree Gully vs North Adelaide | 10th Tee 11:15am

David Brand
Zac Bray
Harry Edwards
Matt Jacquier
Max Jericho
Mick Phillips
Ben Winton

Anthony Wang (Reserve)
James Bridgen (Emergency)

Round 1 26th May at Glenelg vs Tea Tree Gully | 1st Tee 9:50am

Indie Danger
Kyle Feltus
Campbell Hossack
Jonathon Peers
Jayneil Rudrappagari

Cooper Lessue (Reserve)

Round 3 26th May at Glenelg vs Country Districts | 1st Tee 7:30am

Mia Chinner
Jayden McGrath
Damia Muadz
Gareth Thien
Adele Wang

Levi Ashton (Reserve)

Round 4 27th May at the Vines v Royal Adelaide | 1st Tee 9:00am

Fiona Eblen
Imelda Lynch
Sue Raggatt
Jo Rawson
Jo Ricourt

Jill McDonald (Reserve)
Wendy Vaughan (Emergency)

Round 4 27th May at Glenelg v The Vines | 1st Tee 8:00am

Julie Gobbie
Cathie Molloy
Lynne Rainey
Sally Sechser
Sue Siebel

Anne Tait (Reserve)