Team Glenelg Pennant Results

Top teams defeat Kooyonga, as Junior Div 2 and Cleek 2 play host at Glenelg. View the reports from our Team Managers by scrolling down or clicking the team below.

Simpson Cup Round 3 at Thaxted Park

Glenelg 4 def Kooyonga 3

  1. Jack Tanner def Joel Durnford 2/1
  2. Kade Bryant def Kyle Hater 3/2
  3. Harry Burner def Heath Riches 5/4
  4. Josh Hayes lost to Freddie Cassell 2/1
  5. Michael Munn def Jordan Percey 1 up
  6. Will Starkey lost to Malachy Marshall 4/3
  7. Nick Wake lost to Will Somerfield 4/2

Another match against Kooyonga and another nail biter! Perhaps nothing could match the drama of last years final but this came close. More on that later. It was great to see our top order fire up against very well credentialed players but ours are also well credentialed! Harry Burner came into the team for his first Simpson Cup match of the season with Jack Leonard unavailable.

Nick Wake kicked things off at no. 7. with two wins to start the season Nick was in good form and got off to a good start in his match to be 1 up after 4 holes.  However Will Somerfield gradually got the upper hand and Nick was 2 down at the turn. He won 13 to get back to 1 down but Will proved too good closing out the match on the 16th.

Will Starkey had his hands full from the start against up and coming junior Malachy Marshall. He was two down after 4 and 4 down after 8. Unable to make much headway on the back nine, the match ended at the 15th.

Jumping to no. 4 Josh Hayes was involved in a close match all day with his opponent Freddie Cassell. Josh was 1 up at the turn which was still the margin after 12. However Freddie won the next 3 holes to go 2 up. At 2 down with 2 to play Josh needed to win the last two holes but when both players parred 17 Josh had lost 2/1.

At no. 3 Harry Burner got off to a steady start to be square through 6. He then moved ahead and reached the turn at 2 up before racing away with a strong 5/4 win over Heath Riches. It was great to have Harry back in the team after starting the season with strong wins in the Bonnar Cup and it really showed what he is capable of.

Kade Bryant resumed his rivalry with fellow state player Kyle Hater and after a loss last week normal service was resumed. The match was close for most of the day with Kade 1 up at the turn. However Kade proved too strong on the back nine closing out a vital win 3/2.

So at this stage we are trailing 2-3 with two matches left on course. At no. 5 Michael Munn was in the closest match of the day against Jordan Percey and the only one to reach the 18th. The score fluctuated between square and 2 up and that was the score in Michael’s favour after 13. He lost 14 and after 17 he was one up heading down the last. Michael hit a great second shot into the 18th setting up a good look at birdie while Jordan was in the greenside bunker. Jordan hit a great bunker shot and his par putt was conceded. This left Michael with 2 putts for the win but it seemed like the tricky Thaxted greens might prevail as his birdie putt slipped 4-5 feet past the hole. However Michael calmly rolled in the putt to secure the win and tie the overall score at 3-3.

In the no. 1 match, Jack Tanner held sway for most of the day against the big-hitting Joel Durnford. Jack reached the turn 3 up but lost the 10th. He reached the par 5 15th in two which set up a birdie to go back to 3 up with 3 to play. So at this stage we a guaranteed at least a tie and all that was needed was for Jack to halve one of the last 3 holes to secure the win. Both players hit good shots into 16 to set up birdie putts. Jack just missed his birdie but Joel made his putt to reduce the margin to two. The shortish par 4 17th is driveable for Joel but high risk with a (mostly) empty dam adjacent to the green. He decided to go for it but was too far left and his tee shot bounced off a path into the dam/penalty area. Jack hit a hybrid to lay up but was a little left leaving a tricky shot from an awkward lie in the trees. He was unable to reach the green but pitched his third to 4 feet setting up a likely par. This left Joel with a decision to make. If he took a penalty drop he would have to hole a pitch from 25m or so to keep the match going. The ball was in a muddy lie at the bottom of the dam at least 20 feet below the green level with gum trees to negotiate. He decided to give it a crack and with shoes and socks off he took his stance and proceeded to sink to calf level in the mud! He gave it an almighty swipe and amongst all the mud flying we briefly lost sight of the ball before it appeared on the green about 15 feet from the hole. A simply sensational shot! He now had a very makeable birdie putt to extend the match. To be fair, he hit a great putt that just slid by the hole. Jack then stepped up and drained his putt to secure his win and the winning point for the team.

A great result for us against last year’s champion who have lost 2 of their 3 matches while we move to the top of the table with two wins and a half. Thanks to the caddies Wayne Tanner, Adam Bryant, David Welling, Sam Wake, Scott Kerruish and Ryan Faggotter. As usual we had a number of supporters including Tash Bryant and the Burner and Tanner families plus Olivia from America!

Next week the tour of the hills courses continues as we head to The Vines to play Tea Tree Gully.

Steve Weeks

A fantastic effort was made by the Sanderson team on Sunday, defeating defending champions of 2023, Kooyonga. GGC won 3/2.

In her first ever Sanderson foray, Maiya Jakupec defeated her opponent 3/1.

This was such an important victory as it set the team up for a promising day. Well done Maiya .

Christine Trimmer remained steady and calm at No. 1 to defeat her player 3/2.

Zoe Manton played a determined game to finally square her match. Of course Zoe just kept on smiling as her opponent was becoming more rattled.

Bec Hardy fought hard all day, eventually losing 3/1 after recovering from a shaky start.

Jill Hodge again showed her years of experience in matchplay finally and importantly squaring her match, producing some thrilling shots.

The girls were so determined to win and are so clearly dedicated to the Club and team, looking the part in the instantly recognisable black and gold. It is with thanks to the Pro Shop staff and Shane Robinson and the Pennant training schedule that the girls have diligently attended, that pays off in tight games, like this round at Blackwood.

Thanks also to Christine Trimmer for the black and gold club head knitted covers and the Sanderson good luck charms. 

Well done players and the all important caddies.

Ruth Martin 
Sanderson Cup manager.

The 2024 Pike Cup season began on Sunday May 26th with a challenging start having to play Grange at The Grange.

Jo Ricourt stepped up from A3 and had a slow start, however, Jo came back strongly on the back nine but just fell short losing 4/3.

Wendy Featherston in her first pennant season for Glenelg also stepped up from A3. Wendy played good golf all day and had a great win 4/3.

Jo Rawson playing at number three also stepped up from the A 3 team. Jo had a great day out winning at 5/3.

Sam White after recent leg surgery had a tight tussle against her opponent. Sam was one down through 17, she managed to win 18 for a squared match. Well battled Sam.

Bec Hughes playing at Number One also had a close match. She was down early but then played consistent golf to win 3/1. Well done Bec.

Good luck to the team for next week at Sandy Creek.

Fiona Eblen
Team Manager

Bonnar Cup Report

Sunday 26 May 2024

Bonnar journeyed North this week to be hosted by Tea Tree Gully Golf Club and take on the lowly ranked North Adelaide Golf Club in an idillic Autumn, late morning fixture. The course was in magnificent condition and the group had the opportunity to really consolidate its great start to the season and relished in the conditions. A true “all played well performance” sets up a big clash next week with the also undefeated Grange Golf Club at Grange West.

At No.7 Harry Edwards returned to the line up and did not disappoint with a solid 6&4 result.

The reliable Matt Jacquier then returned a meritorious 5&3 win at No. 6.

Ben Winton carrying on his great season then finished on 13 with a resounding 6&5 victory.

David Brand again got the job done to emerge from a great contest with a 3&2 win.

Playing at 3 and really hitting some mid-season form, Max Jericho then recorded a strong 5&3 result.

The stand out game was then delivered by a clinical Mick Phillips wrapping up his match early at No. 2 – 8&6.

Zac Bray then thrilled the gathered team and other spectators with a delicate chip in tight to finish his match 3&2 on the 16th and bring the team a well deserved 7:0 score card.

As above, we now turn our attention to a top of the table clash with Grange Golf Club at Grange West next Sunday @ 9:15. The boys are really up for the challenge and are raring to go!

Thanks as always to caddies, Jason Bray, Glenn Sterrey, Keith Barnard, Alex Manton, Dave Rosie and Jake Scharenberg and our loyal supporters who we really appreciate and, again, Ruth Martin for the rocky road. The one mystery for the group remains the missing warm manager’s quiches from team Edwards though the GGC sandwiches were appreciated.

Andrew Hodge & Tony Martin
Team Managers

Sharp Cup Team Report – Round 1- 26/05/2024

The Glenelg team kicked off their Sharp Cup campaign with a strong performance at home this Sunday against Tea Tree Gully. Despite a chilly start, the day transformed into perfect golfing conditions with sunshine filling the sky.

The team entered the match with great enthusiasm and positive mindset, and the team translated their focus into excellent golf. This commitment secured a decisive 4 out of 5 win against Tea Tree Gully.

Individual scores:

Kyle Feltus – 5 & 4
Indie Danger – 5 & 4
Johnny Peers – 6 & 4
Jayneil Rudrappagari – 3 & 1
Campbell Hossack – 3 & 2 (down)

A big thank you to all our players and caddies who displayed fantastic sportsmanship and on-course etiquette throughout the match. Their contributions were essential to this successful season opener!

This is a promising start for Glenelg, and they look to build on this momentum in their upcoming matches.

Ramesh Rudrappagari
Team Manager

Round 3 of the Div 2 Junior Pennants was played at home this week.

Although we had home ground advantage, we were not quite able to get the win, getting pipped at the post by Country Districts going down 3&2.

Stand out performance from the captain for the day, Jayden McGrath, who won his first ever match play game up 6&5.

Gareth Thien also won his match up 3&2

Adele Wang went down 4&3

Mia Chinner went down 3&2

Damia Muadz went down 3&2

Hopefully next week we can put some points on the board at Royal Adelaide against Tee Tree Gully.

Jason Stone
Team Manager

Report for A3 Pennants 27th May 2024 at The Vines against Royal Adelaide

It was a fabulous day for golf and an even a better day with the A3 Pennant Team winning 3 to 2 against Royal Adelaide.

Imelda Lynch playing number five was out first and was square after three holes but turned 4 down after nine holes with her short game not as she would like. Imelda scrambled back to be 2 down after twelve holes but to eventually lose 4/2.

In the meantime Fiona Eblen started not how she would desire and was three down after 3 holes. She played well to be one down after eight holes and then 1 up after 12 holes to eventually win 4/2. Well fought Fiona.

Sue Raggatt was up all day and made a great par putt at the eighth hole to go to three up. In fact it was the only putt that was holed that I saw all day from any of the players. The greens were very tricky. Sue continued her momentum going and won 3/2.

Jo Ricourt started very well being three up after four holes and five up after eight holes after her approach shot finished a foot from the hole. Jo played steady golf on the back nine to win 4/3.

Jo Rawson unfortunately was down most of the day being one down after nine holes but her opponent was in better form and probably had a bit more luck than Jo, holing out her second shot at the twelve for Jo to go 2 down. Jo eventually lost her match 5/.

Once again a big thank you to our caddies, Julliet Culley, Jill Gehling, Jill McDonald, Wendy Vaughan and Michelle McCormack. Also thank you to Helen McMutrie and Cathy Symons who came to support the A3 Team.  It was much appreciated.

Sue Tuohy
Acting Manager

Cleek 2 report – Round 4

On Monday 27th May, our Cleek team played The Vines at Glenelg and had an outstanding victory winning all 5 matches.

It certainly helped that we had the home course advantage but The Vines team had no answer to the competent and confident play of the Glenelg ladies.

Most players gave 4 or 5 shots to their opponent but all members of the team had a fabulous win.

Julie Gobbie won 5/3

Sally Sechser finished 1up

Cathie Molloy won 3/1

Sue Siebel played brilliantly and was 8 up on the 9th hole at which point her opponent conceded the match

Sue Siebel hits off the 9th tee before her opponent concedes.

Lynne Rainey won 4/2

Thank you to all our caddies, Jackie, Thyra, Anne, Nuala and Des and to those of you who came out to support the team today.

Well done everyone

Annette Rieniets
Team Manager