Damage to Vehicles or Surrounding Properties – Did you know?

Members are reminded, that all membership categories include “Players Personal Liability Insurance”

This means that if your golf ball accidently damages a neighbouring property or vehicle, or a car in the carpark, your membership insurance will cover all repairs with no cost to you.

To process any claims, all the Club requires is the name of the player who hit the ball. Without this we are unable to process any claims and we are unable to compensate owners for any damage.

We ask all Members, that if you hit a ball out of bounds or into one of the Club carparks, whether you are aware of any damage or not, that you report this to either the pro shop or administration at the completion of your round.

That way we can ensure the Players Personal Liability Insurance will cover any damage that might be reported to the Club.

Remember, this is at no cost to you, insurance will cover all repairs!

Club Car Parking

A reminder to all Members that parking in one of the Club carparks is at your own risk. The Club is not liable for any damage that occurs while parked in the carparks.

However, by taking the steps above and making a report should your ball enter a carpark, this will ensure any damage can be repaired at no cost to the owner.

Adam Bryant,

Club Operations & Membership Manager