A Decade of James Bridgen: His Journey to Bar Manager

From his early days as a Glenelg Member to his recent promotion to Bar Manager, James Bridgen (affectionately known as Jimmy) has left his mark on the Glenelg Golf Club over his 10 years of service. James’s growth both professionally and personally has been a remarkable journey since starting in 2010 and becoming employed in 2013.

First joining as a Member in 2010, James Bridgen then took the step towards employment at Glenelg Golf Club as the Responsible Person in 2013. His prior experience in hospitality setting the foundation for his successful employment within the Club. When asked about what has motivated him to stay at Glenelg, James speaks fondly of the club’s Members who he calls family. Despite early challenges that made him question his sense of belonging, he has since found the unwavering support and camaraderie of the Club keeping him motivated in his commitment to the Club, customers and its Members.

James Bridgen behind the bar at Pinehill

Jimmy has seized numerous opportunities for learning and growth over the years, resulting in his recent promotion to Bar Manager. He acknowledges all of those that have guided him and those who continue to guide him over his decade of employment. From Phil Day’s wealth of knowledge and experience to Robert Vincekovic’s guidance, James continues to expand his horizons and further his development. Looking ahead his aspirations of becoming a General Manager continues to drive him and fuel his ambition to continue to create a positive experience at Glenelg Golf Club. However, his immediate focus remains on excelling in his new role as Bar Manager, ensuring the smooth functioning of the club and fostering mutual respect amongst staff.

“James really is the perfect Club man. He always goes above and beyond for the Members and his team. In an ideal world I would love to clone James a couple of times so that he can work in different areas at the same time. James fully deserves his promotion and I look forward to seeing him thrive in his new role as Bar Manager, whilst also assisting with his progress to General Manager of a golf club one day.”

– Robert Vincekovic, General Manager

The Members in Jimmy’s eyes have become more than just patrons, they’re mentors, friends and even family who have supported him through life’s challenges and celebrated his achievements. The Winery challenges continue to be one of his favourite days on the golfing calendar, however being named Pennant Player of the Year in 2021 stand out as a highlight. Having his wife Erin by his side as he won, and receiving the award to a reception including a full standing ovation will be something he cherishes forever.

For those starting in Jimmy’s team he offers some advice – don’t hesitate to ask questions, seek guidance and embrace a friendly demeanour and the Members you serve. The Club’s supportive environment ensures a network of individuals eager to help, including Jimmy himself who is keen on passing down his experience and of those before him. What started with a shy demeanour, has transformed into the deep friendships and camaraderie that Jimmy is so fond of.

James Bridgen promoting International Beer Day

James’s story is one of dedication, growth and the power of relationships. First moving here in 2008 from New South Wales his transformation from his shy demeanour to his new title of Bar Manager is a testament to those relationships he has built. His journey epitomises his decade of commitment to the Glenelg Golf Club.