HeartKids Morning Tea

Tuesday’s golf was a great opportunity for our Members to reflect on the worthy cause of HeartKids and their work with and for families of babies born with the challenge of a heart condition.

Our faithful bakers produced an irresistible spread of options for after the game – and many of the men playing later in the field!

Mila’s Vincecovic’s family was well represented during the morning, with her Dad’s now famous Jelly Slice becoming a regular fixture on the trestle! Kerryn from HeartKids made sure everything went seamlessly.

The generosity of all who contributed to our successful fundraising from a competition charge, the raffle and morning tea donation helped to raise almost $1500 – better than last year’s inaugural event!

Many thanks must go to our bakers, front of house for set-up and their flexibility with support through the day, committee members for planning and preparation and Kerryn from Heartkids at the morning tea and raffle stand.

Raffle winners were

!st – Margaret Harris

2nd – Margaret Whelan

3rd –Sue Siebel

4th –Marion Mitchell

5th – Joyce Thomas

6th –Kay Nyland

7th –Joan Ferrier

8th –Rita Niemirowski

9th –Julie Gobbie

10th-Cathie Molloy

Chris Croucher
Women’s Sub Committee President