Norm Omond Memorial Medal Winners

Congratulations to Peter Jeffery, Conor Griffin and Chris Parkinson on winning the Norm Omond Memorial Medal on Saturday 4th March.

The Norm Omond Memorial Medal is open to players who have won a stroke event contributing to the Eclectic. The Final is played in A, B and C Grade divisions in conjunction with the final Eclectic round. Players must play in the division according to their handicap on that day.

The player with the best net score in each division will be awarded the Norm Omond Memorial Medal.


A Grade Winner
Peter Jeffery (69)

B Grade Winner
Conor Griffin (77)

C Grade Winner
Chris Parkinson (67)


DateA GradeB GradeC Grade
9th April 2022Graeme DavidsonConor GriffinSteve Marshall
30th April 2022Lee Del ColTom RobertsJye Field
4th June 2022Daryl SellarDavid FreerMike Raggatt
16th July 2022Thomas PykeChris HarrisPeter Gale
3rd September 2022Mitchell WardAlan TurnerSam McGill
1st October 2022Peter JefferyChris DuguidStephen McCarthy
29th October 2022Brian WelshShreyas ChaudharyBob Stevens
26th November 2022Aaron SugarsAndy HuntMorrie Croucher
7th January 2023Tony MartinTravis ModraMichael Pope
4th February 2023Brad SugarsAndy WardChris Parkinson
FINAL-4th March 2023Peter Jeffery (69)Conor Griffin (77)Chris Parkinson (67)