Sanderson Cup Pennant Report

10th July 2022

Glenelg v The Grange

Player’s NameResultPlayer’s NameResult
Shakira-Ann KuysSQJin-Young YunSQ
Jade KinitaAmelia Whinney6/4
Sarah CrockerElla Adams5/4
Eliza BakerEmily Smith2/1
Rebecca Hardy3/2Lousie Glennon

Won by: The Grange – 3.5 matches to 1.5

03rd July 2022

Glenelg v Blackwood

Player’s NameResultPlayer’s NameResult
Shakira-Ann Kuys2/1Armani Marsters
Jade KinitaSQGale MacphersonSQ
Sarah Crocker1UpJoanne Buchanan
Eliza Baker1UpHannah Custance
Jillian Hodge2/1Angela Masters

Won by: Glenelg – 4.5 matches to 0.5.

My wonderful Sanderson Cup girls won their semi final against Blackwood on Sunday , 4 1/2 to 1/2 at Grange to get into the final at RAGC this coming Sunday v Grange.

What a determined effort. All of the players showed grit and perseverance and displayed some terrific skills.

Well done to talented Shakira again with her Dad on the bag. They are a reliable duo.

Jade played so well on Sunday and got off to a great start with her partner, (Cody the caddy) who always has a positive influence on her golf.

Sarah Crocker was again all class with a superlative approach to the 18 th green to seal the match. Thanks to husband Chris for his guidance.

Eliza again had another win against a very good opponent and showed why she has won a scholarship to the US . She will be sadly missed.

Jill Hodge played some skillful golf and got the job done with Juliet Culley on the bag. It is so reassuring having such an experienced match player on the team who has represented our club over many decades so successfully.

Thanks to all the spectators who came to watch to support us.

I hope to see many more this Sunday.

Good luck girls.

Ruth Martin

Sanderson Cup manager

19th June 2022

Glenelg v Royal Adelaide

Player’s NameResultPlayer’s NameResult
Charley JacobsSophie Hilditch4/3
Shakira-Ann Kuys3/1Raegan Denton
Jade KinitaLaura Birchmore5/4
Sarah Crocker3/1Stutley Kanokrat
Eliza Baker5/4Eliza Bartlett

Won by: Glenelg – 3 matches to 2.

Yet another win today to make it 4/4 to finish on top of the leaderboard.

My fabulous young girls won 3/2 today at Kooyonga against a strong RAGC side.

It was Charley Jacobs last game for us before returning to Iowa State. Thanks so much Charley for returning to represent our club. Charley has just awesome skills and enjoys her golf and exhibits such a happy nature and is always so friendly with her opponents. I am sure Committee member Anna Standish has enjoyed pulling her bag.

Shakira  Kuys won again today with steady golf, only having one bad hole. Thanks to her parents for their continued support.

Jade Kinita tried valiantly today with help from our Captain, Fiona Eblen, on the bag, but just fell short of a win. Hang in there Jade. You are a great player and we have the finals in 2 weeks time so you have time  to work on your game.

Sarah Crocker again proved commitment and determination pays off and won her match well. An admirable effort with a young toddler and full time work plus practicing during the week. Thanks to her mother for babysitting and to her husband Chris for his invaluable advice on the bag.

And again another win to delightful Eliza who has not lost a match this season. Her demeanor and happy personality is reflected in her game that she so obviously enjoys . Thanks again to Joanne Rice for caddying.

Well done girls. We have a week off before the first semi final. Now the fun begins.

Ruth Martin.

05th June 2022

Glenelg v The Grange

Player’s NameResultPlayer’s NameResult
Charley Jacobs4/2Jin-Young Yun
Shakira-Ann KuysAmelia Whinney4/2
Jade KinitaEmily Smith7/6
Sarah Crocker2/1Eva Cho
Eliza Baker1upLouise Glennon

Won by: Glenelg – 3 matches to 2.

Our determined team battled the atrocious weather on Sunday at Grange and fought hard for a 3/2 victory over Grange.

Winners were Charley Jacobs with a 4/2 win, with the help of Anna Standish on her bag. Thanks Anna for helping out and being a great club and committee member.

Also winning, was Sarah Crocker with husband Chris on her bag. Thanks Chris. Sarah aced some of her shots to the green and produced steady par golf when it mattered most, winning 2/1.

And again, the ever happy birthday girl, Eliza Baker got us over the line with a 1 up victory. Thanks Joanne Rice for caddying. Well done Eliza.

Shakira Kuys tried hard in gale force winds but just pulled up short and went down 4/2. Thanks to her Dad for caddying and to Marcus for family support.

Jade Kinita found the conditions hard, despite help from the ladies captain, Fiona Eblen on her bag. Jade tried hard but just had an off day.

Thanks to our manager Robert for delivering some highly nutritious snacks prior to the game , for committee member Paul Grosvenor coming to watch the girls and all other spectators in what was a rather dreadful day of weather.

Ruth Martin

29th May 2022

Glenelg v Kooyonga

Player’s NameResultPlayer’s NameResult
Charley Jacobs3/2Imogen Jessen
Shakira-Ann Kuys2Lyn McGough
Sarah CrockerEmily Giotis1up
Jade Kinita7/6Jaime Hards
Eliza Baker3/2Christine Hildyard

Won by: Glenelg 4 matches to 1.

Another great pennant win for our A1 girls at Blackwood versus a very strong Kooyonga team. The girls won 4/1.

Charley Jacobs got better as the round progressed and started to show her true ability with an amazing display of length and precision and won 3/2 against a very good opponent. I was so lucky to caddy for her to witness her capabilities. Well done Charley, you are a champ.

Shakira hung in there against another seasoned opponent to finally deliver a 2 up win again with family support from her parents. Good golfing Shakira.

Sarah Crocker tried hard all day with Sue Raggatt on her bag . She hit some solid shots but just fell short of a win ending up 1 down on the 18 th. Thanks Sue for caddying.

Well, how about our lovely Jade. A 7/6 win against a quality player. Such a joy to see her lovely smile and team camaraderie. Thanks to her caddy. So nice to have you back Jade.

And of course, again our Pro Shop fave, Eliza brought the team home with a 3/2 win. Thanks again to Joanne Rice for her support.

Well done girls. You have done GGC proud yet again.

Ruth Martin.

Co Manager A1 Simpson cup.

22nd May 2022

Glenelg v Blackwood

Player’s NameResultPlayer’s NameResult
Charley Jacobs6/4Gale Macpherson
Shakira-Ann Kuys4/2Joanne Buchanan
Sarah Crocker1upHannah Custance
Jillian Hodge2/1Angela Masters
Eliza Baker7/6Sally Graham

Won by: Glenelg 5 matches to 0.

The mighty Sanderson Cup team had a resounding victory on Sunday, playing Blackwood at GGC.

No. 1 player was Charley Jacobs who has returned from college in the US to play pennants again.
Of course she dominated her opponent with some exciting shots and stayed calm as usual with her new caddy, Karin Harris who helped out on the day to witness Charley’s true talent. Charley won 6/4.

No. 2 player was Shakira Kuys who also has returned from college in the US to play the pennant season. Shakira stayed calm and patient with her Dad on the bag and played some terrific shots to win 4/2.
Sarah Crocker played another young Mum and was down early but hung in there with many shots of precision to the green for gimmies. Sarah finally won on the 18th. 1 up. A very determined mature effort against a very capable golfer.

No. 4 player was Jill Hodge who has really put in masses of practice and effort for the season. She had an “escalator“ game, but had 2 stunning birdies on the last 2 holes to clinch the match. Thanks to Wendy Greig for caddy duties and helping out to read the putts.

No. 5 was our Pro shop favourite Eliza Baker who is off to college in the US in Augusta. She absolutely blitzed her opponent 7/6 and was assisted by caddy Joanne Rice . Of course Eliza was all smiles (as usual) but then quickly turned to caddy for Sarah to help out the team for a great 5/0 victory.

Thank you to all of the supporters who came to watch and see our girls play as a team, supporting each other, staying calm, respectful and representing our club in a most professional manner.

Well done girls. It was such a privilege to witness your day.
Ruth Martin.