Pike Cup Pennant Report

10th July 2022

Glenelg v Mid North

Player’s NameResultPlayer’s NameResult
Jillian HodgeSQSusan KeylockSQ
Rebecca HughesSQStephanie KeylockSQ
Maiya Jakupec2/1Reo Jenner
Zoe Manton7/6Fiona Hockings
Louise Pike7/6Casandra Francas

Won by: Glenelg – 4 matches to 1.

Once again the tail wagged with the Pike Cup with the bottom three winning their matches against Mid North. However it was not without some nail biting moments.  Being defending champions and being top of the ladder for Pike Cup was an added pressure.

Pike Cup teed off on the 14th hole and in the beginning there was very little between the teams.

Louise Pike who played Sandi Francas was seven up after ten holes and went on to have a convincing win of 7/6.

Zoe Manton who played Fiona Hockings was five up after ten holes.  Unfortunately Fiona ripped a muscle in her shoulder and had to retire so Zoe was deemed to have won the match 7/6.

Then the drama started.  Maiya Jakupec who played Reo Jenner was four up after eight holes played, but was pegged back to two up after ten holes.

In the meantime Jill Hodge who played Susan Keylock and Bec Hughes who played Stephanie Keylock were having  very tight matches, Jill being 3 down after twelve holes and Bec one down after twelve holes. One of the highlights of the day was Bec’s eagle at the second hole having played her tee shot, then a five wood within fifteen feet and sank the putt.

Back to Maiya.  She lost the fifteenth hole played (10th hole) to only be 1 up.  She played a great iron shot into the green on the sixteenth hole (11th hole) but was unable to sink the birdie putt but on the next hole (12th hole) Maiya played a beautiful five iron onto the green which only just stayed on at the back.  However, Reo’s shot went through the green and had a chip back which ended being about ten feet from the pin. Maiya putted down to within  five foot. Reo missed her putt but Maiya made the putt to seal her win 2/1 and also the win for the Pike Cup as we now had three matches in.

Bec and Jill’s matches were deemed square.  I think they both sighed with relief.!

I would like to make a special mention of Bec Hardy who played all her minor games for Pike Cup winning all five matches then was promoted to Sanderson Cup for their semi-final and final.  Unfortunately she contacted Covid and was unable to play the Semi. However in the final Bec won 3/2 and then at the Pennant Dinner won the Ladies Player of the Year.  Well done Bec and I hope you go on to bigger and better things.

Once again many thanks to our caddies and supporters who braved the brisk conditions yesterday at Royal Adelaide.  It is always nice to be able to share these winning memorable moments with your fellow members of the Glenelg Golf Club

Sue Tuohy


Pike Cup

03rd July 2022

Glenelg vs Royal Adelaide

Player’s NameResultPlayer’s NameResult
Imelda LynchJuliet Hugo5/4
Rebecca HughesSQAnne EllisSQ
Maiya Jakupec3/2Pauline Morrison
Zoe Manton8/6Miranda Waters
Louise Pike4/2Diana Faull

Won by: Glenelg – 3.5 matches 1.5.

The Pike Cup girls were victorious winning 3 ½ to 1 ½ against Royal Adelaide at Glenelg

1.Imelda Lynch lost to Juliet Hugo 5/4

2.Bec Hughes was square with Anne Elis

3.Maiya Jakupec defeated Pauline Morrison 3/2

4.Zoe Manton defeated Mirrie Waters 8/6

5.Louise Pike defeated Di Faull 4/2

The day started extremely well with everyone being up after three holes except Imelda who was square.

Louise moved ahead to be six up after nine holes but then had a hiccup losing tenth and eleventh holes but went on to win 4/2

Zoe had an extremely good start being eight up after nine holes then going on to win 8/6  Good win Zoe after your health problems of the last few weeks.

Maiya started well, being two up after three holes after holing a forty foot putt at the third for a birdie but was 1 down after eleven holes.  She quickly turned this around and went on to win 3/2

So we had three matches in so Glenelg had won.

In the meantime Imelda who helped us out by being substitute for our number one player, played gallantly being 2 down after nine holes but lost eventually 5/4

So this left Bec Hughes, who had a very tight match against her opponent . She sank a forty foot putt at the third to go two up after three holes after that it became very even with Bec unable to hole a putt.  As we had managed to win the three matches Bec’s match was deemed to be squared.

Thanks again to our caddies and our supporters.   Hope to see you at Royal Adelaide next week when we play Mid North.  Good luck girls. Go Team Glenelg

Sue Tuohy


Pike Cup

26th June 2022

Glenelg v The Grange

Player’s NameResultPlayer’s NameResult
Bec Hardy3/2Eva Cho
Jillian Hodge7/6Susan Dob
Bec Hughes5/4Rachel Arnott
Zoe Manton5/4Remiko King
Louise Pike6/5Susan Olsen

Won by: Glenelg – 5 matches to 0.

The Pike Cup girls had a wonderful win at Sandy Creek over Grange winning five matches to nil, in at times some very inclement weather.

  1. Bec Hardy won 3/2
  2. Jill Hodge won 7/6
  3. Bec Hughes won 5/4
  4. Zoe Manton won 5/4
  5. Louise Pike won 6/5

Louise started well to be 4 up after five holes played then to be seven up after eight holes played and went on to win 6/5.  According to her caddy, Nick Eblen, Louise played very well just in time for the finals.

Zoe had a great win of 5/4.  Zoe started well to be three up after three holes but lost a couple of holes to be one up after eight holes.  Zoe gathered her momentum to win four of the next six holes for the win with a great par on the 15th hole played

Bec started slowly and was one down after five holes played but bounced back to be 2 up after eight holes played to go on to win 5/4.

Jill had a great win after some indifferent golf but managed to scramble in the first four holes played to be one up but rallied to go on to win 7/6.  She was three over when she finished.  Well played Jill.

Bec Hardy had a tussle first up to be one up after five holes played but was four up after eight holes.  She was four up with four holes to play lost the next hole but halved the temporary hole in threes to win the match 3/2.

Congratulations girls in reaching the Semi- finals.  Once again, many thanks to our caddies and supporters.

Sue Tuohy

19th June 2022

Glenelg v Royal Adelaide

Player’s NameResultPlayer’s NameResult
Bec Hardy5/4Megan Bleeze
Jillian Hodge7/6Juliet Hugo
Bec Hughes6/4Anne Ellis
Maiya Jakupec8/7Pauline Morrison
Zoe MantonSQMiranda WatersSQ

Won by: Glenelg – 4.5 matches to 0.5.

The Pike Cup had another very good win at Tea Tree Gully against Royal Adelaide, winning 4 ½ matches to ½

  1. Bec Hardy defeated Megan Bleeze 5/4
  2. Jill Hodge defeated Juliet Hugo 7/6
  3. Bec Hughes defeated Anne Ellis 6/4
  4. Maiya Jakupec defeated Pauline Morrison 8/7
  5. Zoe Manton squared with Mirrie Waters

Maiya continued her good form being six up after 9 holes after a terrific birdie putt at the 8th hole.  She went on to win 8/7 to set the pace.

Jill lost the first hole to a birdie but soon had a five up lead after nine holes to go on to win 7 and 6 and to be only two over the card when she finished.

Bec Hughes also was five up after nine holes and went on to win 6/4.

Bec Hardy also had a good day.  She and her opponent halved the first hole and also the second with her opponent chipping in and Bec holing a thirty foot putt for birdies.  Bec went on to be three up at the turn and go onto win 5/4.

In the meantime Zoe had a very tight match with only one hole the difference all the way round.  Zoe was one down hitting off the seventeenth but managed a par from a pitch and a short putt to square the match with the eighteenth hole also squared.

Thanks again to our caddies and supporters.

Sue Tuohy


Pike Cup

05th June 2022

Glenelg v Tea Tree Gully

Player’s NameResultPlayer’s NameResult
Bec Hardy1Katie Seol
Jillian HodgeInyoung Kim1
Bec Hughes4/2Julie Oldfield
Maiya Jakupec7/6Libby Emery
Louise Pike1Doreen Schultz

Won by: Glenelg – 4 matches to 1.

In horrendous weather conditions Glenelg had a 4 to 1 win over Tea Tree Gully at Grange West on Sunday. The result could have gone either way as three matches went to the eighteenth hole but our girls  ground it out.

The results were

Bec Hardy defeated Katie Seol 1 Up

Jill Hodge lost to Inyoung Kim 1 Down

Bec Hughes defeated Julie Oldfield 4/2

Maiya Jakupec defeated Libby Emery 7/6

Louise Pike defeated Doreen Schultz 1 Up

Once again Maiya had a great start being 5 up at the turn to go on and win 7/6.  A great start for Glenelg.

Then Bec Hughes who had a bit of a contest on her hands the first nine being square, picked it up a gear and went on to win 4/2

Then it became a bit interesting.  Louise Pike who was up and down most of the day lost the 17th hole played(8th hole) to go back to square.  In the meantime Jill was able to go 1 up after a birdie and par at the 15th and 16th holes (6th and 7th holes) then to three putt the 8th to lose the hole to go back to square.

Then to my relief Louise pared the 18th hole(9th Hole) to win one up and to help Glenelg to victory. Jill and her opponent both second shots found bunkers.  Inyoung played first to probably 15 feet and Jill played a gem of a shot to approximately 6 feet.  Then Inyoung sinks her putt and Jill misses to go 1 Down.

Bec Hardy who was only up after the second hole had a real tussle against Katie, the eleven year old from TTG. After a great par on the 17th hole the match was all square. On the eighteenth hole both players hit their second shots into the bunker, Bec the left one and Katie the right one. Katie came out of the Bunker about 10 feet away and Bec played a fabulous shot to about 18 inches.  Katie putted but left the ball a centimetre from the cup and Bec holed her put to win 1 Up.

I wish to sincerely thank all the caddies, Nat Hardy, Julliet Culley, Cathy Johnson, Jayne Staridas and Nick Eblen.  You all did a wonderful job considering the conditions and I am sure the players appreciated your efforts.  Also special thanks to the supporters including the guys from the Teams that were unable to play as their courses were under water.

Sue Tuohy

Team Manager

Pike Cup

29th May 2022

Glenelg vs Mid North

Player’s NameResultPlayer’s NameResult
Jillian Hodge3/2Casandra Francas
Bec Hardy4/2Stephanie Keylock
Bec Hughes1upSusan Keylock
Zoe MantonReo Jenner1up
Maiya Jakupec8/7Sharyn Roberts

Won by: Glenelg – 4 matches to 1.

The Pike Cup girls had a good win 4 to 1 against Mid North at Kooyonga

Jill Hodge defeated Sandy Francas 3/2

Bec Hardy defeated Stephanie Keylock 4/2

Bec Hughes defeated Susan Keylock 1 up

Zoe Manton lost to Reo Jenner 1 down

Maiya Jakupec defeated Sharyn Roberts 8/7

Maiya Jakupec set the pace again being 6 up after nine holes to go on to win 8/7   Well done Maiya

Zoe Manton had her work cut out for her being 1 up after nine holes but faltered to being 1 down after 13 holes and stayed 1 down until she finished. 

Bec Hughes started quite well to be 2 up at the turn but Susan Keylock pegged Bec back to be square after 17 holes.  Both girls hit their tee shot left with Bec going into the fairway trap.  Bec played the shot of the day to put her bunker shot on the green within ten feet and two putted to win the hole after her opponent missed a six footer and to finish 1 up.

Bec Hardy started slowly but was 2 up after nine holes.  Then she gathered her momentum to go on and win 4/2

Jill Hodge also began slowly to be 1 up after nine holes but finished with a 3/2 win against her opponent.

Once again thanks to our caddies and spectators. 

Sue Tuohy


22nd May 2022

Glenelg v Kooyonga

Player’s NameResultPlayer’s NameResult
Jade Kinita4/3Christine Hildyard
Bec Hardy4/3Jodie Deacon
Bec Hughes5/4Jill Trenorden
Zoe Manton8/6Linda Ferris
Maiya Jakupec6/4Isabelle Tye

Won by: Glenelg – 5 matches to 0

The Pike Cup Team started very well with a 5-0 win over Kooyonga at Royal Adelaide

Jade Kinita defeated Christine Hildyard 4/3

Bec Hardy defeated Jodie Deacon 4/3

Bec Hughes defeated Jill Trenorden  5/4

Zoe Manton defeated Linda Ferris 8/6

Maiya Jakupec defeated Isabelle Tye 6/4

Maiya Jakupec started quite well only to falter the last two holes of the front nine but came back with a some great golf to win 6/4

Zoe Manton had a day out, being 4 up at the turn and then to win the next four holes with her 8/6 finish

Bec Hughes finished 2 up after 9 holes then had four very good holes to win 5/4

Bec Hardy had an early tussle with her opponent but on the back nine took charge to win 4/3

Jade Kinita turned at the 9th to be 1 up but once again Jade as the rest of the team seem to like the back nine and Jade finished with a 4/3 win

Thank you to all the caddies and spectators, especially Louise and Kay Pike and family members of the players.  It all helps to add atmosphere for our players.

Well done Pikelets.

Sue Tuohy