A3 Team Pennant Report

27th June 2022

Glenelg v North Adelaide

Player’s NameResultPlayer’s NameResult
Jo RawsonYoung Ko3/2
Jo Ricourt1upDiane Biebrick
Fiona Eblen1upMi Park
Tonia RossCarolyn Coleman5/4
Sue RaggattSarah Russell1Up

Won by: North Adelaide – 3 matches to 2.

20th June 2022

Glenelg v North Adelaide

Player’s NameResultPlayer’s NameResult
Jo Rawson2Young Ko
Jo RicourtDiane Biebrick3/2
Fiona Eblen8/6Mi Park
Tonia Ross5/4Carolyn Coleman
Sue RaggattSarah Russell2/1

Won by: Glenelg – 3 matches to 2.

On a blustery day, Monday, 20th June 2022, Glenelg was on top of the ladder and it was the last match of the season before the finals.

Glenelg played North Adelaide and it came down to the 18th green for Glenelg to win.  (3/2)

The first match to finish was Fiona Eblen (No. 3) who was playing Mi Park. Fiona’s caddy, Imelda Lynch, said that Fiona was on fire and I guess as she finished up 8/6 I would have to agree. Well done to both player and caddy.

Jo Rawson (No. 1) defeated Young Mi Ko. It was a tough match, Jo was up most of the way but lost a couple of holes and was square after the 16th.  Jo was on the 17th green for two with   Young Mi Ko having lost her ball, had to take 3 off the tee and then went over the back of 17 to eventually concede that hole.    Another ball was lost on 18 and Jo took the match 2 up. Thanks Juliet Cully for being her caddy.

Jo Ricourt (No. 2) played Dianne Biebrick and although she was 2 up after 9 holes, eventually lost 3/2. Thank you to her stalwart caddy, Jill Gehling.

Tonia Ross (No. 4) played Carolyn Coleman and was steady all the way.  Tonia was 3 up after 9 holes and continued in the same unflappable manner to finish 5/4. I must admit I enjoy watching Tonia chip in to the hole, where most players would use a putter. Great job Tonia and thanks to Anne Hooper for braving the conditions.

Sue Raggatt (No. 5) played Sarah Russell today and just couldn’t get ahead. She was one down after the third hole and couldn’t quite hold Sarah down, though watching on the 13th green, where Sue put her ball in the water and after taking a drop, she pitched to the green and drilled her putt into the hole.  Sarah didn’t putt so well and they halved that hole. It was great to watch.  Sue lost 2/1. Her caddy, Helen McMutrie, did a sterling job as usual.

The semi-finals are next Monday, 27th June,  at The Grange West at 8.30am. It would be good to see some supporters.

06th June 2022

Glenelg v Kooyonga

Player’s NameResultPlayer’s NameResult
Jo Rawson6/5Miriam Van Der Zalm
Jo Ricourt1upChristine Flynn
Imelda LynchSQBarbara BurnetSQ
Tonia Ross6/5Amanda Mackenzie
Sue Raggatt3/2Jane Hunter

Won by: Glenelg 4.5 matches to 0.5

The A3 Players approached Round 6 at North Adelaide on Monday 6 June with trepidation, not knowing if the wet, wild and windy  weather from the day before had run its course.  As it turned out there were a couple of downpours and gales but mostly we got away with cold and windy conditions.  The course was soggy and the “mud rule” was in play.

First out of the blocks with a strong drive was Sue “Consistency” Raggatt who needed 4 holes to get going.  She then pulled away to be 2 up after 7 holes and maintain the lead for the rest of the match.  After the 12th hole, Sue put her foot down to win 2 of the next 3 holes and take the match on the 16th green  3/2.

Tonia ”Blitzer” Ross won the 1st hole and never looked back.  She maintained her lead to be 3 up after 5 holes but then fell back losing the next 2 holes.  A minor dental emergency on the 10th tee with her caddy, Annabel, munching on a confectionery snake and dislodging a temporary crown saw Tonia decide to surge ahead.  She won the next 4 holes to finish early and trounce her opponent 6/5.  Annabel conveniently headed off to her dentist 5 minutes away and then returned before the last player finished!

Fiona “Never Give Up” Eblen squared her match but it was almost as good as a win. She was up until the 9th hole but then had a mid-round crisis, losing 4/5 holes.  Adamant that she was not going to be the only loss, Fiona who was 2 down after 16 holes, fought valiantly winning the 17th and 18th holes to grind out a squared match.

Shot of the day came from the club of Jo “The Competitor” Ricourt on the 6th hole to an uphill par 3, finishing within 1.5 metres of the hole.  She had a nice birdie to win the hole.  Square after 12 holes, Jo won the next 2 to be 2 up.  A loss at the 15th hole temporarily unnerved some of us (including the rules official) and a loss at the 16th saw a sound lead flittered away.  However, not to be outdone, Jo played the 17th very strategically and sensibly to win the hole.  Similarly, sensible play to square the 18th saw Jo finish 1 up.

Jo “Powerful” Rawson won the first 4 holes and took an almost unassailable lead at the turn, being 5 up.  No doubt she rattled her opponent with her strong performance as they headed to the back 9.    She was obviously listening at Pennant Training the week before when we worked on bunker play.  On the 12th hole Jo played an outstanding bunker shot from a downhill lie with compact sand only to miss the putt to lose the hole to a par from her opponent.  Jo only lost 2 holes in 13 played and won convincingly 6/5.

Thank you to caddies Juliet Culley, Jill Gehling, Imelda Lynch, Annabel Hamilton and Helen McMutrie who ably assisted the players once again, especially during the downpours.  Also, thanks to Joy Green in her prominent yellow scarf for supporting and taking the photos in the spectator-unfriendly weather.

We go to the well-earned break in top spot, knowing that tough matches are ahead and knowing that Glenelg players will give it their all (just like our Captain and Vice-Captain have done this week J)

Louise Pike

A3 Team Manager

30th May 2022

Glenelg v The Grange

Player’s NameResultPlayer’s NameResult
Jo RawsonRachel Arnott
Jo RicourtAnn Schaefer
Imelda LynchSue Hooley
Tonia RossTeresa Batley
Sue RaggattChris Martin

Won by: Squared 2 1/2 matches to 2 1/2.
(Match abandoned: Weather)

23rd May 2022

Glenelg v Blackwood

Player’s NameResultPlayer’s NameResult
Jo Rawson6/5Julie Wheeler
Jo RicourtBronya Buckley4/3
Fiona Eblen3/2Rosemary Underwood
Tonia Ross3/1Karen Brien
Sue Raggatt6/5Dianne Cottrell

Won by: Glenelg 4 matches to 1.

16th May 2022

West Lakes v Glenelg

Player’s NameResultPlayer’s NameResult
Gail Beaumont3/1Jo Rawson
Heather PereiraJo Ricourt4/3
Tania RadisFiona Eblen2up
Elizabeth Mann1upTonia Ross
Susan ClarkSue Raggatt3/1

Won by: Glenelg 3 matches to 2.

Monday, 16th May and our match today was against West Lakes GC at Kooyonga.

Glenelg won 3/2.    Well done everyone.

The course looked in excellent condition and the weather was perfect one minute and raining and cold the next.      The one thing that didn’t change was the wind – that kept blowing.

Playing at No. 5 was Sue Raggatt against Sue Clarke.      Our Sue led for all of the match winning 3/1.   Thank you Sue – great game and thanks to her caddy, Helen McMutrie.

Playing at No. 4 was Tonia Ross against Liz Mann.      Tonia hadn’t played at Kooyonga previously and compared notes from Kooyi’s website with her caddy, Anne Hooper.    Tonia was 2 down after 9 holes.       I saw her second shot on 17 which just fell short of the green, she then did a super chip on to the green to win the hole.     Tonia was then 1 down.   Going down the 18th the hole was halved. Great match.

Playing at No. 3 was Fiona Eblen against Tania Radis.   Fiona was 1 down after 9 holes and 2 down at 14.      I saw Fiona win the 17th, but wasn’t sure of her score.    Her caddy, Imelda Lynch, informed me as she was going down the 18th that she was 1 up.     I nearly flipped the cart!      Fiona then won 18 quite comfortably to finish 2 up and to seal the match for Glenelg.     Thank you.

Playing at No. 2 was Jo Ricourt against Heather Pereira.      Jo was square after 9 holes and the next time I saw her was on the 12th.    She pitched in to be on the green for 3.   Her opponent was 50 metres over the back of the 12th and eventually conceded the hole.    Jo played her putt anyway and holed it.         Jo won 4/3.         Great effort Jo, and thanks to her caddy, Jill Gehling.

Playing at No. 1 was Jo Rawson against Gail Beaumont.       Jo was square also after 9 holes but unfortunately Gail got the upper hand.     Jo lost 3/1.     Thanks Jo and thanks to Jimmy Rawson for caddying today.

9th May

The Vines v Glenelg

Player’s NameResultPlayer’s NameResult
Catherine Dianne Hayward5/3Jo Rawson
Mary Elizabeth O’hagan4/2Tonia Ross
Katheryn Yvonne Michaelsen3/1Fiona Eblen
Kathryn HenderJo Ricourt6/4
Carolyn SalisburySue Raggatt3/2

Won by The Vines 3 matches to 2.

The A3 Team presented to beautiful Blackwood GC on a crisp, mostly sunny Monday 9th May.  Try as we might, a win just slipped through our fingers, and we went down fighting 3/2.

Sue Raggatt

Again this week, Sue was always up throughout her match.  She was 2 up after 9 and even after losing holes 10 and 11 , a win at hole 12 started Sue’s move onwards and upwards.  With a great par at 16, Sue sealed the deal 3/2.

Jo Ricourt

Never missing a beat and putting like a magician all day, Jo was 3 up after 6 and then 5 up after a par at 13.  A beautiful birdie at hole 14 saw Jo gobble up her opponent to finish with a 6/4 win.

Fiona Eblen

Our Lady Captain tried her best to get  a win on the board, but sadly went down 3/1.  She was square after 5 holes, but then lost 4 of the next 5 holes.  In true fighting spirit she recovered and won the 11th, birdied the 13th and won the 14th to be 1 down.  However, losses on the challenging 15th and 17th holes saw Fiona shake hands to end her match on Blackwood’s most difficult hole off the red tees.

Tonia Ross

Tonia started at a cracking pace and was 3 up after 3 holes.  Then the many years of pennant experience by her opponent took hold and Tonia found herself 1 down heading to the back 9.  Maintaining an amazing demeanour for someone  with minimal pennant experience, Tonia weathered the great chips and recovery shots by her opponent.  After losing holes 12,13 and 16, she lost her match 4/2.

Jo Rawson

Always a tough ask when your opponent’s handicap is 4 shots less than your own, Jo performed admirably.  After the match, Jo’s opponent admitted that she had had a lucky day with some not so pretty shots but good outcomes! Jo started well with strong drives and was only 1 down after 7 holes and headed to the 10th 2 down.  After losses at 11, 12 and 15, the match was over with Jo going down 5/3.

Thank you to our reliable and loyal caddies – Jill Gehling, Helen McMutrie and Imelda Lynch.

And thank you to our two caddies debuting admirably for the 2022 Season – Joanne Ricey Rice and Juliet Culley.

Louise Pike

Team Manager A3 Pennant

2 May 2022

A squared result with Mt Osmond on their home course – I think we will take that result and run!

Mt Osmond v Glenelg

Player’s NameResultPlayer’s NameResult
Penny Mathews1upJo Rawson
Lara ReidSqTonia Ross
Eloise Cooper2/1Fiona Eblen
Sally AttrillJo Ricourt4/3
Lyndall FinchSue Raggatt2/1

Won by: Match halved 2 1/2 matches to 2 1/2.

Quick summary of our Team of A3 Legends follows;

Sue Raggatt

A great drive off the 1st tee set the scene for Sue’s round. She won 4 holes in a row to be 3 up after 6, looking like a sure winner all day and bringing home our first win for the 2022 A3 Pennant season with a 2/1.  Sue flew Helen McMutrie in from Queensland to caddy magnificently and help her to glory.

Jo Ricourt

With new yellow and black Italian golf shoes, a 2 May Birthday and a great caddy in Jill Gehling, what more could Jo have wanted? What about a convincing 4/3 win!!

Her opponent said that Jo played amazing shots, none better than a 180 metre approach shot to within a metre of the pin to make par on the 1st.

Fiona Eblen

Our GGC Captain played good consistent golf in the front 9 holes.  Sloping lies, lightning quick greens and pace of play may have rattled her usual steadfast game in the back 9 holes.  A great chip onto the new 14th green saw Fiona square the match after this hole.  Even with her sister Imelda Lynch providing extra encouragement as caddy, unfortunately a couple of dodgy lies and zero luck saw her finish 2/1 down.

Tonia Ross

As a newbie to GGC Pennant, Tonia appeared to play in a cool, calm and collected manner … possibly the wise words of her experienced caddy Rebecca Hughes was of great assistance here.  Tonia’s match was always close and a seesaw event, never being more than 2 holes up or down.   After 17 she was 1 up, but then a darned fairway bunker got in the way on the 18th and Tonia finished square. Well done Tonia and welcome to GGC Pennant Golf!

Jo Rawson

Okay …. so we have one of the best lady players at Mt Osmond, playing on her home course, in obviously good form … and Jo Rawson was her “lucky” opponent!  Jo was solid and did well to stay within touch all the way.  Anna Standish, acting in yet another role for GGC, was a great support as caddy.  Jo squared the last 2 holes to finish 1 down.  On the 18th green Jo asked how hard she should hit her putt – I didn’t have an answer then but I do now – “hit it as hard as you must, as soft as you can and trickle it into the hole”.

Louise Pike

Team Manager A3 Pennant

The first round of Golf SA Pennant begins next week with our Women’s A3 team playing at Mt Osmond against Mount Osmond.

Each week our team selections will be posted on the website. Men’s –  Simpson Cup  &  Bonnar Cup,  Women’s – Sanderson Cup &  Pike Cup,  A3 Team & Cleek 2 Team as well as our Junior Teams, Sharp Cup & Div 2.

8am Monday, 2nd May, Mt Osmond.

Women’s  A3 Team Round 1
Fiona Eblen
Sue Raggatt
Jo Rawson
Jo Ricourt
Tonia Ross
Reserve: Imelda Lynch