Cleek 2 Pennant Report

20th June 2022

Glenelg v The Grange

Player’s NameResultPlayer’s NameResult
Anna StandishAnne Moschou5/4
Catherine MolloySharyn Simes4/3
Joanne McCarthy2/1Mardi Brown
Karin Harris2/1Stephanie Murdock
Geraldine Hall1upMonica Byrnes

Won by: Glenelg – 3 matches to 2.

Unbelievably,  the rain held off for our Cleek team playing at Tea Tree Gully on Monday 20th June and half an hour after our start time, our 1st player set off in our must win match against The Grange.

Once again, the match was incredibly close and either team could have won on the day.

The slopes on both fairways and greens were very challenging for our players who are used to much flatter terrain at Glenelg. In fact, Jo McCarthy, our number 3 player was unable to get out of the trees on the first hole and took some time to settle into her match. In true fighting spirit, Jo clawed her way back into the match to finally win 2 / 1.

Karin Harris at number 4 and Gerry Hall at number 5 were both able to stay in front of their opponents throughout the day and won their matches on the 17th and 18th holes respectively.

It was an exciting win for our team defeating The Grange 3 matches to 2. However, it was not enough for Glenelg to make the finals. We were edged out of 4th spot by Grange on percentage.

The Cleek squad members have been so supportive of each other and the team has definitely been competitive against all other teams this season. We now look forward to the 2023 season.

Thank you to all our supporters and the 16 people who have kindly caddied for us.

Annette Rieniets and Cheryl Franzi

06 June 2022

Glenelg v Kooyonga

Player’s NameResultPlayer’s NameResult
Anna StandishCassandra Heath4/2
Catherine Molloy1upMegan Thredgold
Joanne McCarthyLeisa Thomas4/3
Karin Harris5/4Melissa Emmett
Chris CroucherHelen Egar4/3

Won by: Kooyonga – 3 matches to 2.

Round 4 was played in generally fine conditions at Kooyonga and the course did look beautiful.

Unfortunately, Glenelg played Kooyonga today on their home course and I am sure this turned the match in their favour. Kooyonga won 3 matches to 2.

Karin Harris had a great match today winning 5 up with 4 holes to play and Cathie Molloy kept us on the edge of our seats throughout the day, 2 up for most of the match only to be caught on the 17th hole. Lucky for us, Cathie played a great 18th hole to win her match. Her shot into the green was superb.

Our other players, Anna Standish, Jo McCarthy and Chris Croucher had difficult matches and despite their best efforts, they were unable to subdue their opponents.

Throughout the season, matches against all teams have been very competitive and hard fought. It is a shame that wins have eluded us.

In our next match the team will need to have a big win to have any chance of making finals. We are ever hopeful.

Thank you to our cheer squad, Gerry Hall and Julie Gobbie, for their great support on Monday.

Annette and Cheryl

30th May 2022

Glenelg v Blackwood

Player’s NameResultPlayer’s NameResult
Anna StandishJanine Edwards4/2
Catherine Molloy3/2Jane Greening
Joanne McCarthySQNicola GovanSQ
Karin Harris4/3Kerrin Falconer
Chris Croucher3/1Kylie Booth

Won by: Glenelg 3 1/2 matches to 1 1/2.

Despite dire weather warnings, the rain held off for most of the day and we were able to complete our match against Blackwood at Westward Ho.

Two of our team members had to be replaced with injury and illness affecting those selected to play. Fortunately, with our large squad, we were able to fill the gaps.

It was a difficult day out on the course but all matches progressed well for the first 6 holes. By 14 holes, two matches were slightly down but the team finished strongly to win the day 3 ½ to 1 ½ .

Congratulations to the team, Anna Standish, Cathie Molloy, Jo McCarthy, Karin Harris and Chris Croucher for a fantastic win which now moves us to 4th position on the ladder.

Once again, our pool of caddies did an excellent job under very trying conditions.

Annette and Cheryl

23rd May 2022

Glenelg v Tea Tree Gully

Player’s NameResultPlayer’s NameResult
Lynette GouldAndrea Mccauley3/2
Karin HarrisSQHelen WilumSQ
Gill BakerMarie Matthews2up
Maureen Watson2/1Sook Kuen Chan
Sharyn RogersMonique Choi1up

Won by: Tea Tree Gully – 3 1/2 matches to 1 1/2.

Round 2 played at Blackwood against Tea Tree Gully

Tea Tree Gully arrived at Blackwood with a pretty experienced team and it was hard going the entire day.

After 8 holes, the match was evenly poised and after 13 holes, Glenelg had a slight edge.

It was exciting watching the match progress and although the final result was disappointing, all matches were very tightly contested.

Karin Harris squared her match on the 18th while Gill Baker and Sharyn Rogers lost on the 18th.

A rookie in our team, Maureen Watson, scored our only win for the day with a 2/1 result.

The final score was a win to Tea Tree Gully 3 ½  matches to 1 ½.

Once again, a fabulous effort by all our caddies on the day.

Annette and Cheryl

16th May 2022

Glenelg v Westward Ho

Player’s NameResultPlayer’s NameResult
Anna Standish2/1Lee Bonner
Catherine MolloyMoira Dawson5/3
Geraldine Hall10/8Pam Gardner
Gill BakerLuanne Hryhorec2/1
Alison WylieLeila Auld6/4

Won by: Westward Ho 3 matches to 2.

The day looked bleak with a major downpour of rain just prior to play but enthusiasm within the team was high.

We played Westward Ho on our home course and scores remained pretty close for the first half of the round, despite the fact that all Glenelg players had to give strokes to their opponent.

Unfortunately, our luck faded on the back nine and the team lost 2 matches to 3.

Anna Standish, playing at number one, held on to win her match 2/1 and Gill Baker, our number 4 player had a very close match with her opponent losing 2/1.

A big thank you to all our wonderful caddies who fronted up for our very early start.

Annette and Cheryl (managers)