Welcome #TeamGlenelg Managers

Our Pennant teams would not be the same without the amazing support and leadership from all the Managers who give up their time each year.

Please welcome our 2021 #TeamGlenelg Pennant Management team

Pennant Team Managers
Simpson Cup Gary Thompson & Geoff Attenborough
Bonnar Cup Steve Weeks & Andrew Hodge
Sanderson Cup Jill Hodge
Pike Cup Sue Tuohy
Sharp Cup Dan Leonard & Adam Bryant
Junior Div 2 Hadyn Ryan, Paul Leaf Milham & James Pike
Women’s A3 Joy Green
Cleek 2 Ruth Martin

Thank you to our rules officials this year: Ian Symons, Cathy Symons, Chris Whitford and Jayne Staridas.

Keep an eye on all the Pennant news and results on our dedicated Pennant web page throughout this season.