We would like to give a warm welcome to all our newest Members who have joined Glenelg Golf Club since March.

We are confident they are experiencing the friendly and welcoming culture that our Club is known for. We encourage all Members and staff to introduce themselves to our new Members and assist them with any queries they may have.

Name Member Type
Susan Tarry Women’s Try Golf
Christopher Crocker PGA
Joshua Fitzpatrick Six Day
Bradley Cook Casual
Troy Barnes Corporate (7 Day)
Andrew Klenner Six Day
Todd Balfour The Bay Experience
Gordon Campbell Provisional
Simon Zybek Weekday
Ben Jones Corporate (Provisional 7 Day)
Thomas Conner Provisional
Richard Schavone Casual
Brian Coure Casual
Mark Warnecke Casual
Paul Warnecke Casual
Graham Rugless Casual
Zel Seman Casual
Hunter Griffiths Junior
Ahmed Abbas Intermediate (18-20)
Conor Griffin Provisional
Damon Edmunds The Bay Experience
Max Sharrad Six Day