Today our group was standing on the 16th tee when we heard a males voice from behind us on James Melrose Road. On approaching the guy, he asked us if we could assist him by taking a Tortoise from him he had found on James Melrose Road. We said “of course” & he duly handed us the nervous Tortoise through the boundary fence.

We subsequently phoned the Club Office for assistance & Matt Stone arranged for Phil Day to drive a greenkeeper’s Workman out to meet us at the 16th green. We carefully placed the Tortoise in the rear of the Workman that Phil was driving & he drove off into the sunshine.

Phil then at our request, placed the reptile into the water hole at the rear of the 13th green to be introduced to the other two (at least) Tortoises who live in this area. There is a rumour that these other two Tortoises are named Terry & Theresa!

Our group was totally proud of ourselves & felt very pleased that we had saved the life of this poor frightened creature.

Congratulations to Phil Day for his kindness & efforts & Matt for his communication skills.

Kind Regards,
Barry Lawrie


Rescuers from left to right: Neville Betts, Barry Lawrie (with the Tortoise in hand) Terry Crowhurst, Mel Shean.