Finally some good news amongst all the COVID-19 updates that we are all dealing with on a daily basis. Committee and Management acknowledge that a number of our bunkers require modification to access points, with both entry and exit difficult for Members.

The Club engaged a group of Members to review our course and identify bunkers requiring attention. Whilst we understand that numerous bunkers could be modified, the Member work group together with our Management team agreed on twelve that are in need of urgent action, with further work to be done in due course.

The bunkers that we will be renovating at this stage, in no particular order, are as follows:

  • Greenside bunker left of the 2nd hole
  • Pot bunker centre of the 4th hole
  • Front bunker left-hand side of the 5th green
  • Fairway bunker right-hand side of the 6th hole approximately 80 metres from green
  • Fairway bunker left of the 7th hole around the corner of the hole
  • Greenside bunker front left of the 10th hole
  • Fairway bunker short right of the 11th green
  • Bunker front of the 14th green
  • Left front bunker 14th green
  • First right-hand side fairway bunker short of the 18th green
  • Second right-hand side fairway bunker short of the 18th green
  • Greenside bunker right of the 18th hole

Work is due to commence on Monday 23rd March with the 2nd hole out of play. Hole closures will be required during the renovation process as our course staff move from hole to hole. During this period, including weekends, the 19th spare hole will be played.

We are confident that Members will be satisfied with the new bunker access points. In the meantime, we ask all players to please be patient with staff working on the bunkers and remember to call fore if a ball is heading their way.

Robert Vincekovic,
General Manager