Thaxted Park Golf Club Defeats Glenelg Golf Club @ TTG

Photo: (left to right) Luke Rosenhain, Thomas Pyke, Maiya Jakupec, Ben Schaefer, Fletcher Ryan, Jack Leonard, Brandon Van Dev Berg & Anthony Wang


As we all know, the Tea Tree Gully Golf Course is a tough one to play and our team took a little to long to get use to the speeds and slopes of the greens. There were a few really tough close matches with several members playing below handicaps but overall we were beaten convincingly on the day. The encouraging sign was seeing the team gel, unite and support each other while other Glenelg players were still looking at closing their rounds.  Special thanks to those extra caddies and families who provided additional help on the day. You know who you are.


Results include:

Thomas Pyke – square

Fletcher Ryan – 1 down

Brandon Van Den Berg – 1 down

Jack Leonard – 2/1 down

Maiya Jakupec – 5/3 down

Anthony Wang – 5/4 down

Luke Rosenhain – 6/5 down

Ben Schaefer (reserve) 8/6 down


Team Result:

0.5 / 6.5


Round 3, Sunday 23rd February

Venue: Glenelg Golf Club

Glenelg vs The Grange


Haydn Ryan,
Team Captain