Pin Positions for Saturday’s Club Competition

The ProShop received a variety of feedback about the pin positions from members who played in last Saturday’s Club Competition. So, we thought Members would be interested to learn more about how our greenkeeping team go about setting up the course each and every day. 

As a starting point the team use the USGA guidelines relating to maximum slope for green speeds (see table below).

In terms pin positions for last Saturday’s Club Competition below is a measurement of the average degrees around each pin.  There were positions with more than 2 degree of slope, above the hole on 5 and the left hand side of the 12th pin position.  All other positions are well within the USGA recommendations based on a green speed of 11.5 to 12 ft.


Hole – Average degree of slope

1- 1.8

6- 1.9

3- 1.7

2- 1.7

4- 1.8

5- 1.1/ Below and each side/2.8 above hole

7- 1

9- 1

8- .9

10- 1.6


13- 1.4

12- Right hand side-1.2 Left hand side 2

15- 1.3

16 – .6

17- 1.3

14- .6

18- 1.6


With setting up for a northerly on Saturday, pins with a cross wind situation such as holes 3, 13 and 18, consideration was given to allow for the particular shot shape that the wind dictates.  For example, hole 3 was front right allowing players to aim well left and draw into green.  Same with 18, the pin was on the left, allowing for the draw shape in for right handers.  Tee markers on 7 and 15 were placed forward with the headwind tee shot in mind. For the 5th tee markers were left in the normal position with the pin position forward.