Report by Liz Kelton
Team Manager

Playing at The Vines this week we were matched up against the home team who made the most of their “home ground” advantage winning all five matches. Their putting on the tricky greens was where they really outplayed us.

However, none of the Glenelg team members played badly. They just found the opposition a bit too strong when it mattered.

This Glenelg Cleek Team has done our Club proud this season. They have prepared well, played every match out to the best of their ability and played each match in a great spirit of sportsmanship.

For the majority of this team this is their first season playing for their club. I believe that their experience in the Cleek team has been one from which they have learnt a lot and which will give them a good foundation for next season

I am very proud of each one of them.

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