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Junior Golf

Junior Golf Program

Glenelg Golf Club, in Adelaide, South Australia, places great importance on Junior Golf and this is reflected in the Club’s active Junior Development Program. The program provides coaching, development and encouragement in all areas of the game and membership.

Junior Development – Part of every Junior Membership

High Performance Squad Junior Trip – Australian Masters, November 2015

High Performance Squad Junior Trip – Australian Masters, November 2014

High Performance Squad Training Video

We’re proud of our investment in Junior Golf.  As a Club, we want to see all juniors develop to their full potential and harness their natural talent.

Our expert coaches conduct the Junior Development Program and have a keen eye, recognising juniors will play at their own level. They ensure that you are given the tuition you require as a junior to nurture your individual development.

Pro Shop staff coordinate the program in-conjunction with the Junior Development sub-committee. All Pro Shop staff are available to Junior members for coaching and advice, with costs covered by funding from the Glenelg Golf Club Foundation.

The development of good golfers is an aim of the program, however there is also a very strong belief that playing Junior Golf should be a fun and enjoyable pastime. The program is in place to encourage all Juniors, regardless of their ability, to learn, enjoy and respect all that Golf Club membership has to offer at Glenelg, in a safe, supervised and healthy environment.

Junior Tigers Golf Program

The Junior Tigers Golf Program provides a development pathway for young golfers in Adelaide, from Beginner through to Junior Cadets and finally to Junior Membership at Glenelg Golf Club.

The structured six-level program applies the motto, “A Skill, A Rule & An Etiquette” and each session completed will involve these three areas.

For more information click here to be directed to the Junior Tigers Golf Program website (

Elite Level Coaching

The Glenelg Golf Club is committed to providing expert tuition and guidance to junior members that attain a certain level or proficiency and skill. Under the guidance of the Club’s resident PGA Professionals, tuition is available to those junior’s who are selected to represent the Club in official competitions such as junior Pennant and McMillan Shield. Other juniors on the fringe of being selected in these representative teams may also be offered expert tuition, to prepare them for when they eventually are selected to compete in these competitions.

For further enquiries, please contact the Pro Shop on (08) 8350 3250, or click here to book a lesson online.

Golf SA / Golf Australia

Golf SA and Golf Australia play a key role in supporting our objective which is to continue developing an outstanding Junior Development Program for all members.


Glenelg Golf Club is committed to the ongoing support and encouragement of Junior Golf. Through the Glenelg Golf Club Foundation, we have identified Junior Golf as one of our key areas of importance.  As a result, the Club has focused on funding the ongoing development, training and promotion of Junior golf with proceeds raised through the Foundation. This results in an outstanding, fully funded Junior Development Program at Glenelg Golf Club.

Please contact the membership team for reimbursement forms 

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