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Junior Golf

Information for Parents

We understand that as a parent, you want to make informed and educated decisions surrounding your children – investing in areas that will deliver happiness and reinforce important life skills.

2017 Junior Golf at Glenelg | Download PDF | View Online

Skills for life

Glenelg Golf Club has established a progressive junior golf program that places an emphasis on growing life skills, on top of the important golfing component. This highly social sport is something your children can enjoy at any age or skill level. Membership at Glenelg Golf Club is a lifestyle investment. Junior members have the opportunity to be introduced to the traditions of golf and etiquette upheld at a private golf club, while experiencing the modern club benefits that have also been introduced. This places all junior golfers at Glenelg in an excellent position to play golf at any club on a local, national or international level.

Funding for Junior Golf

The Glenelg Golf Club Foundation was established to facilitate the funding of key projects through donations from members and supporters. One of the Foundation’s key projects involves the ongoing funding of our junior development programs. The Foundation believes this is fundamental to the future of the Club and the game. The Foundation enables members and supporters to make a special contribution to the future of the Club, which is an eligible tax deduction*. Any person wishing to support the foundation by way of a donation can contact the Club for more details on (08) 8350 3200.

Junior Golf Expense Reimbursement Forms

*Under taxation law, a deductible gift requires a donor to transfer money voluntarily without the donor or an association of the donor receiving or being entitled to receive in return, any material advantage or compensation (apart from the tax saving). The Glenelg Golf Club projects are approved and conducted under the charter of the Australian Sports Foundation Ltd (ABN 27 008 613 858).

Junior Membership & Golf

2017 Junior Golf at Glenelg | Download PDF | View Online

Junior membership at Glenelg Golf Club, in Adelaide, South Australia, offers boys and a girl of all levels the chance to play golf at one of Adelaide’s most progressive Clubs. Our outstanding 18 hole championship golf course is rated amongst the top 25 courses nationally. Course Maintenance staff are always working to ensure it is in the best condition. From the beginner through to the professional, our golf course offers a world-class challenge.

Cost of a Junior Membership

Junior members pay an annual subscription and entrance fee, plus all other fees and levies. The entrance fee is payable in instalments, negotiated between yourself and the Club, provided that 50% of the total entrance fee is paid by the age of 21. The remainder is to be paid by the age of 25.  The younger you join, the longer you have to pay your Entrance Fee. No Entrance Fee instalment is payable in the first year of membership.

Entrance Fees for Junior and Intermediate members are substantially discounted from the Entrance Fee paid by adult members.  Importantly, once you have paid your Entrance Fee as a Junior or Intermediate member, you have nothing more to pay once you move into the ranks of Provisional or Full membership.

For those under 14 years of age, please click here to visit our Junior Tigers Golf Program website for more information on Tiger Cubs and Cadet Membership

Joining up a Junior Member

Just fill out a Membership Application Form which can be collected from the Administration Office at the Club. If you would like us to send you a Membership Application Form, please call us on (08) 8350 3200, and we will send one out to you. The application form needs to be signed by two (2) current playing members of the Club, over the age of 18, and then be submitted to the Administration Office.

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