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<b>COACHES CORNER:</b> with Jordan Harkin

Gain better contact and power with some help from Jordan Harkin. […] Read More »

Game Improvement Clinics – Gareth Jones

Our Head Teaching Professional, Gareth Jones, will be conducting a series of Game Improvement Clinics over the coming weeks. Click here for more details. […] Read More »

<b>PRO TIP:</b> Simple Tips for Summer Golf

As summer gets into full swing and the ground and turf firms up, try this really simple tip when faced with a short game shot off a tight lie. […] Read More »

<b>PRO TIP:</b>  Get in close to find your plane

I see a lot of short game problems coming from misconceptions in set up with poor ball positions and balance. When players put the ball back in their stance, the “plane” of the swing gets too much on the inside, causing impact and direction problems. […] Read More »

<b>PRO TIP:</b> Do you Dig or Bounce?

Many players get confused when I ask them about bounce on their wedges. Click here to learn more about bounce on wedges and how it may apply to your game. […] Read More »

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