Glenelg Golf Club’s tree planting program has planted over 100 trees so far

We have started our tree planting program as a part of our Course Enhancement Plan. The greenkeeping team have planted over 100 trees so far. As a part of this program they have planted a variety of trees including Stone Pines (Pinus pinea), Native Pines (Callitris preissii) and Drooping Sheoaks (Allocasuarina verticillata) – not to be confused with the declared weedy species that are being removed, Swamp Sheoak (Allocasuarina glauca).

The Glenelg Golf Club Nursery located between the 11th and 12th Holes.

As mentioned in our course enhancement treescapes information, the declared weedy species requiring removal will be replaced with more suitable tree species. Trees are being replaced on a five-to-one basis – for every tree removed, five (or more) are planted. Two indigenous (locally native) tree species have been potted on and grown in our nursery over the last few years so that the trees planted will be at a more advanced stage (rather than planting tube stock).

The Native Pines have been planted in copses to create screening and provide habitat for the Thornbills and other small birds that visit our course.

Trees have been planted in front of our maintenance shed, at the back of the 13th, at the 12th and at the 18th.

More trees will be planted in the coming months.

Further information on our treescape can be found by clicking here.