Glenelg Plants the Rare Sticky Daisy Bush

Pictured left to right: Matt Endacott (Green Adelaide), with Monina Gilbey & Billy Miller (Glenelg Golf Club)

Glenelg Golf Club has been working closely with Green Adelaide on a number of conservation projects. Today, the Sticky Daisy Bush (Olearia passerinoides ssp. glutescens) was planted at Glenelg Golf Club. The Club are now caretakers of this rare plant, which has been grown by the South Australian Seed Conservation Centre.

This is a great opportunity for us at Glenelg Golf Club to add another plant species to our course and to play a role in conserving a rare plant. We appreciate the support of Matt Endacott from Green Adelaide.

The South Australian Seed Conservation Centre, at the Adelaide Botanic Garden, works to protect our state’s threatened plant species from extinction. The native plants of South Australia form an integral part of our unique landscapes and ecosystems, however one in four native South Australian plant species (more than 1,000) are threatened due to loss of habitat and competition with introduced species.