Love Your Course: Fixing Your Divots

Love Your Course is a series of course care video tips for our Members and guests

Fixing Your Divots

Similar to pitch marks, divots on the course require attention from all players to ensure we can maintain the quality of our playing surfaces.

Each un-repaired divot is an opportunity for Poa annua and other weed seeds to germinate, and more obviously, for bad lies to be experienced. 

Therefore, filling divots correctly with sand is an even more important aspect of course etiquette at this time of year, to ensure the best quality playing surfaces for yourself and fellow golfers.

Please ensure you and everyone else in your group is carrying and using a sand bucket, with divots filled with sand and leveled off by foot to avoid leaving a mound of sand or a depression.

Thanks for your help with the care of our course, for the benefit of everyone.