On Sunday 11 October we held the 2020 Junior Championships. Well done to everyone who competed on the day, and congratulations to all the winners and runners-up. 


2020 Boys’ Club Junior Championship

  • Winner: Josh Grundel
  • Runner Up: Fletcher Ryan

Josh Grundel beat Fletcher Ryan 4&3


2020 Glenelg Trophy

  • Winner: Alex Manton (141)
  • Runner Up: Fletcher Ryan (143)


2020 Boy’s Junior Handicap Championship

  • Winner: Alex Manton
  • Runner Up: Jack Leonard

Alex Manton beat Jack Leonard 3&2


2020 Girls’ Club Junior Championship

  • Winner: Shakira Kuys
  • Runner Up: Jade Kinita


2020 Ella Cole Trophy

  • Winner: Jade Kinita (69)


2020 Anne Smerdon Junior Invitational

  • Winner: Shakira Kuys
  • Runner Up: Kanokrat Stutley (Royal Adelaide GC)
  • Best Net: Shakira Kuys