Dear Members,


Throughout this period of uncertainty caused by COVID-19 (Coronavirus), I continue to reiterate, the health and safety of our Members and staff is of paramount importance. In light of this, it is necessary to make some further adjustments to our practices, following the Prime Ministers latest restrictions announced on Sunday 29th March. In order to keep our course open as long as possible, the following changes have been implemented and will take effect immediately:

  • All timesheets have converted to a 2-Ball. Active timesheets have been adapted to pairs with Tee times 7 minutes apart. Players will be notified.


Please note: Timesheets to be cleared for Wednesday 1st April and Saturday 4th April.

Given the number of players it is impossible to convert all the players into a 2-ball on these days. Therefore, these time sheets will be cleared and Members will have to rebook their game at the following times:

  • Wednesday 1st April Timesheet to open at 2.45pm on Tuesday 31st March
  • Saturday 4th April Timesheet will open at 3.00pm on Thursday 2nd April


  • There will no longer be any competition golf. Members are still required to book on the timesheet and report to the Pro Shop. A score card may be taken and will be handicapped during this time.
  • No more than two people on the practice range at any one time. Two blocks have been created at each end of the driving range, 30m apart, please only use these hitting areas. A maximum of one bucket of balls is allowed per day to allow other Members the opportunity to practice.
  • No more than two people on each practice green at any one time.
  • Golf lessons take precedence on the practice facilities at any time. We ask that you please respect the request of the Club’s Golf Professionals to conclude your practice, as this may be necessary in order for them to conduct lessons within the above guidelines.
  • Only one Member in the Pro Shop at any time. The pro shop will continue to be open for all purchases to support your game, including drinks.
  • Ball washers will be closed off indefinitely.


Consistent with social distancing principles enforced by the Government, golf is to be treated as a form of exercise, hence the Golf Australia recommendation to remove competitions through this period. All golfers should continue to exhibit a heightened awareness of personal hygiene, as has been encouraged by state and federal health departments. Members are free to choose whether they play golf but we remind you to consider your own personal risk factors including age and health. The Government continue to advise people in high risk categories to stay at home in the current circumstances. In addition we remind all Members, if you are feeling unwell please refrain from visiting the Club and see your doctor as soon as possible.

We will continue to monitor accordingly, provide updates to Members on a regular basis and when additional Federal and State Government updates are announced.


Stay safe.


Kind Regards,


Robert Vincekovic,
General Manager