Work on bunker access points will continue over the next two weeks. We are in the process of stripping turf off around the bunkers, course staff will then excavate, lower and reshape the entry points.  After that we will level and lay new sod back on these areas.

The works are expected to move quickly from hole to hole, therefore hole closures will not be necessary. We ask that members please be patient with staff working on the bunkers during this period and please offer them the right of way and call fore prior to hitting.

Whilst work is being undertaken a white line will be painted around the bunker and bunker edges. When the shaping of the bunkers is complete some bunkers will be without turf on their surrounds for a short period of time until course staff lay the new sod. The areas inside the white painted line will be classified ‘No Play Zone’ and free relief may be taken under rule 16.1 until turf is re-established.

At some point the 6th hole will be out of play as there is some major bunker work occurring directly in the line of play. We will advise Members when this is required and the 19th hole will replace the 6th for a short period of time. 

We are extremely happy with the progress and completion to bunkers on our second hole. We expect Members will appreciate the shape and ease of entry and exit into bunkers going forward.  Please be mindful of the turf recovery and the soft bunker edges after the construction as the bunkers will be prone to damage for a short period.


Robert Vincekovic,
General Manager


Please see the previous Bunker Access article which lists all bunkers planned for renovation first.