On Sunday evening we hosted the 2019 Club Championships & Trophy Presentation Dinner.

The evening allowed us to celebrate the performances of our Members from throughout the year and also recognise the rich traditions and heritage of our Club and the trophies we play for each week.

Congratulations to all the winners from this years Club competitions. 

Photo Gallery




2019 Men’s Club Champion Ben Layton
2019 B Grade Men’s Club Champion Steven Rowe
2019 C Grade Men’s Club Champion John Rawson
2019 A Grade Men’s Plate Champion Scott Steele
2019 B Grade Men’s Plate Champion Anil Kookana
2019 C Grade Men’s Plate Champion Ted McMurchie
2019 Women’s Club Champion Bec Hughes
2019 B Grade Women’s Club Champion Deb Bennett
2019 C Grade Women’s Club Champion Ros Osborn
2019 C Grade Women’s Plate Champion Sharon Taylor
2019 Senior Champion (Max Dale Trophy) Nick Eblen
2019 RF Stevens Trophy Harry  Burner
2019 Harold Wright Memorial Chris Burns
2019 FA Lewis Memorial Trophy Simon Mestrov
2019 Joe Ashton Trophy David Lindsay
2019 Summer Cup Peter Gale
2019 Captain’s Trophy Gavan Fox
2019 Jimmy McLachlan Memorial Trophy Sam Earl
2019 Anzac Memorial Trophy Brad Sugars
2019 President’s Trophy Tony Martin & Ivan Tanner
2019 Glenelg Trophy Andrew Nash
2019 Frank Collins Memorial Trophy Mark Fleer
2019 AH Smerdon Memorial Trophy Scott Steele
2019 Women’s Wallace Trophy Louise Pike
2019 Steve McKee Memorial Trophy David O’Brien
2019 Reg Sands Starters Trophy Connor Chant
2019 Women’s Parfection Trophy Carolyn Dillon
2019 Milo Sprod Trophy Greg Kendall
2019 Women’s Jacka Trophy Jade Kinita
2019 Don Watson Memorial Trophy Michael Raggatt
2019 Glenelg Trophy for Juniors Kade Bryant
2019 Rawson Memorial Trophy Chris Parkinson
2019 Girl’s Club Junior Champion Charley Jacobs
2019 Ella Cole Trophy Zoe Manton
2019 Boy’s Handicap Matchplay Champion Harry Leaf-Milham
2019 Boy’s Club Junior Champion Harry Edwards
2019 C Grade Foursomes Champions John McRae & Bevan Roberts
2019 B Grade Foursomes Champions Mark Sheridan & Richard Sheridan
2019 A Grade Foursomes Champions David Brand & Grant Lucas
2019 Club Foursomes Champions Henry Duregon & Josh Hayes
2019 Sam Percival Memorial Trophy Chris Parkinson
2019 Senior Cup Michael Noble
2019 Don Harris Memorial Trophy Peter Thomas & Chris Hercock
2019 Tuohy Trophy Andrew Ramage & Jack Ramage
2019 Winter Pinehurst Foursomes Michael Munn & Gary Thompson
2019 Lance Begg Canadian Foursomes Lee Cole & Emma Cole
2019 The Burgandy Trophy Alan Boyes & Stephen Kennedy
2019 Women’s Vardon Charley Jacobs
2019 Brian Ferris Memorial Trophy Jack Buchannan
2019 Eric Scovell Trophy Harry Burner
2019 Anne Smerdon Junior Invitational Trophy Charley Jacobs
2019 Governor’s Legacy Cup Alex Manton
2018 Mixed Foursomes Champions Marcus Kuys & Shakira Kuys
2019 Brian Bashford Memorial Trophy TBC